Hello my dear friends, a good day for me today

I exercised twice today, once strength training and once aerobic training.
I hoped to do it in one go( that is without leaving the health club) but it did not work out.
So had to go twice.
I also studied some Mathematics and that’s really the highlight of my day!

Mathematics is my love, I studied math intensely and it was a dream for me,
not in terms of making money but the study in and of itself is a dream!
The first time that I was really fired up about something, it was very difficult to get into it,

a lot of voices, visual hallucinations, delusions etc etc and I grinded it out studying one minute at a time

and half a minute at a time, trying to study many times every day and eventually I got to a point that
I managed to do mathematics courses at the open university with very high grades,

Then I had psychosis and had to stop, and now trying to get into it again, this time combined with daily intense
exercising and a healthy diet, with voices and intrusive thoughts but fully sane…


I am happy for your day. Tomorrow more!


Thank you for your encouragement @SylviaNin ! :heart:


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