Hello fellow Loungers!

What are you folks up to? Me, I had a seizure about 5 hours ago and just got home from the ER. Doctor there prescribed pain meds since I dislocated both shoulders and my lower back hurts. He also reupped my Depakote. I HATE seizures. So painful. Bit my tongue too.

Enough about me. How do y’all like this new change? Makes me want to get out a smoking jacket (not that I have one - but it is called the Lounge). :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear about the seizure. I am not doing well but I am trying to cope best I can.

What’s ailing you @sasha?

I’m sorry that happened to you. Ouch! That must be scary because you can’t control it. There was a little kid who was having seizures and his parents tried every drug out there. What finally worked was medical marijuana with low THC and high CBD. At first it was really hard to find and expensive, but they were able to find growers who had it for a good price in the end. I hope you feel better! BTW this lounge is pretty cool. :sunny:

@anon40540444 I am so sorry to hear that your having seizures. I do hope you feel better and don’t have to go through another one. Do you think the higher dose of Depakote will help cut the seizures?

I don’t quite know what to make out of the badge and the lounge and the other changes.

Interesting I guess. What does one do in a lounge that they wouldn’t do in other parts of the forum?

Is this to discuss lounging?

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Sz is ailing me. I am having a hard time with the voices and thoughts being inserted in my head.

The spider king has spiders all in my body that spy on me and report back to him. He wants me to kill myself and when i refuse he makes me sick and torments me with wounds that don’t bleed… lashes all over my body that never appear. Frank wants me to cut the spiders out of my body so the king can’t see me any more. He is trying to protect me but K had hid all the things that I need to successfully do this. So I am at work trying to concentrate and make these 9 hours go by as fast as possible killing any spiders I see. I am so sore… my back and legs are burning from being struck and I keep telling Frank I can’t cut them out at work because I will get blood all over my cardigan. I took all my meds but they don’t seem to be doing anything.

I just want this to go away.

@SunGirl. Thanks for the warm thoughts. I’m kind of hazy, and I’m not sure if the words I type or say outloud are what I mean to say. Kind of weird and hard to explain.

@SurprisedJ Thanks also. Thank goodness I wasn’t driving. ER doc thinks it was the Thorazine I’m on that caused it. I got frustrated internally with these doggone meds, and flushed my Thorazine when I got home. I still have the Saphris, but it’s weak. Sigh.

I think the Lounge is there for people who have proven to be helpful and supportive. I looked at the list of users approved for the Lounge, and that’s what jumped out to me, and what I inferred.


@sasha, I hope your meds get to work quickly. Personally I’m not a fan of Geodon or Saphris. Both are pretty weak. Geodon can be kind of activating, so I’m kinda surprised you got put on that when you’re actively engaging in self-harm. Seems to me a doctor would want to nip that in the bud. Please don’t cut yourself any more. I saw the pic of your arm on instagram before you took it down, and it made me cringe. PLEASE don’t hurt yourself anymore.


Hang in there. Psychosis is a rough road, but once you find the right meds your life turns around. Distraction has always helped me with the hallucinations. Just know they are not real and cannot hurt you. It’s tough to believe this sometimes because everything in your mind is telling you you’re in danger. At least you have K. She sounds really supportive. Hang tough! :sunny:


I am sorry you had to see that pic… a voice told me to post it and I removed it when I was able to think again. At least it didn’t post the other cuts that were worse.

The Lounge category says its exclusive to members with a trust level of 3 or higher. I’m still confused lol.

What could we possibly discuss that requires a higher level of trust than the other categories?

Oh well. Its nice to be trusted, I guess :slight_smile:




@radmedtech, the trust level can be seen in your profile page on the right under your email address. I forgot exactly what the “levels” were, but when I first registered, it said new user, basic user, then regular user, and now leader.I think that’s right. I might be mistaken.

I do hope you get some relief from this very soon. I’m glad you were candid with your doc and they started you on something. Too bad that sometimes meds take a while to become effective.

I do hope you can hang in there and find a way to distract yourself and find other ways of knocking down the stress of all this.


I did find a way but nobody like me to do it.

I was picturing a dark wooded lounge with brandy, a good cigar and the piano in the corner.

But then when @anon40540444 mentioned it’s all the people who are helpful and supportive, I’m picturing more of an off duty doc’s lounge with stale coffee, tired caregivers and some loose paperwork that never seems to get filed.


I hope you are feeling better alien - I am sorry that that you had to go through this

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Apparently I can be trusted, maybe because I don’t trust myself.


Hi Alien~
Glad you are doing ok now.
Is this the first time you have had one? What causes them?
My son gets them more and more. I cannot get him to see a neurologist…Is it from meds?

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@bridgecomet, no, this was not my first seizure, probably more like 7th or so. I have grand mal seizures, where the whole body is involved. I get no warning, they hit from out of nowhere. They are caused by an overload of electricity to the brain, as I understand. No idea what causes them though. In my case, yes, it was from meds.

Hang in there @sasha don’t give up - keep giving the meds a try, they are bound to help