"Hell is other people"


Draw your own conclusions.


My conclusion is that he needed something enormously radical and avant-garde at the time so he made such depressive lines.
Its just a statement, entitled to the specific time and space, nothing else.
I like Emmanuel Levinas more: his philosophy is built on others in the sense that ourselves are ontologically dependent on other self.


I’m a social failure, hell is truly other people.

Why don’t people take Sagar Gorijala’s quotes as seriously as these old European white dudes?

Maybe old european white dudes are the only smart people in the history of existence.

Being old, white, male and european basically gives you ultimate credibility I guess.

Sagar Gorijala quotes are all I need in life.:relaxed:

Quotes from SAgar Gorijala’s are not my cup of tea but your point is very well taken.

My guess is that in ancient times racism was a way of life. In those days, there was no political correctness, there was no civil rights movement, or anything like it. No laws against blatant, and often, fatal racism. I don’t know why white people magically became the dominant race and people of other color were looked upon as less-than-human or like animals.

While whites in Great Britain were still wearing animal skins for clothing and living in crude huts, the Chinese had a sophisticated society who were more civilized than any white person at the time. And it’s true of other races too.

What I meant by my racism comments is that killing people for their skin color was not frowned upon for most of man’s history, in fact it was encouraged. So when the whites started running the show, they felt no qualms about abusing their power over other races. if you were white back then, there was no Geneva Convention, no maritime laws. If you wanted your neighboring counties land than you raised an army of disfranchised, violent, men in your country.and invaded it and raped, pillaged, and destroyed whoever got in your way. Anyways…

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If u look at the greatest suffering of the world, it’s caused by other people. Holocaust, stoning women, life in prison. I would also add, this is a subjective thought: but if it werent for technology a lot of us disableds would either be dead by 32, not having to live that long crippled, or dead by the disease. In my opinion i am better off dying, but thats just my view, call it cynical, i call it divine.

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I think it was meant of the whine of selfish people entrapped with each other.

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I don’t need other people to be in hell, they just make it a little HOTTER!!

You’d have to see the play.

It’s not a singular quote.

It’s actually literal, about Hell.

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Is it coincidence that I’m the most miserable when surrounded by humans? :thinking:

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Heaven and hell at here and heaven and hell depends on what you really are.good and bad people its the people who act you good or bad.if you are smart and beautiful you have most likely have to many good people around you because most of the people will act you good and this makes this world heaven.and if you are stupid and ugly this mean there is too much bad (act you as bad)person around you and this make you at hell.this is my conclusion about this quote.am i heaven or hell?well i m try to only see the people who are act good to me(heaven) and trying ignore see bad people(hell).so i try to live heaven inside of hell​:joy::joy::joy:


I like your sense of personal responsibility. You’re right to just try to be the Heaven. I wish more people thought that way. :heart:️


Heaven can also be other people. Surround yourself with the right ones.


You’re laughing but unless you’re not thinking when you type or maybe typing a little quickly try being (a) :point_up_2: with your grammer. This site is seen by everyone :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: make a good impression a (k) instead of a (j) is ight but wow bud. I’m hell, just saying.

English is not his first language.