Racism is ridiculous

If it wasn’t so serious. Isn’t it? Treating someone different because of their pigment?What does that have to do with anything? I mean how frustrating for black or brown people.You see white jerks who are EXACTLY like you, but they look down on you, because of skin color. How stupid is it that two babies, born within minutes of each other have their lives mapped out because of what color they came out. One is privileged, the other has to put up with bulls*it that other people don’t even understand. Racism makes me mad AND sad.


I totally agree with you. Statistically blacks are arrested more then white people, which is sad. But as someone who has grown up in a semi-rascist family, I can say I see how that mindset is propagated and perpetuated. I’ve suppressed my racial propensity to judge, but it still rears it’s ugly head. We’re all the same. It’s unfair people are born into a lower class, in a neighborhood flooded by drugs and gangs, all because their parents are black and the cycle was perpetuated. But I must say it is inspiring when people in history have risen above the ashes :bird:

Yeah I agree, just because someone, another person of a different race looks different than me, does not give me the right to treat him in a demeaning manner. I judge people on their personality or character. We, as schizophrenics are mistreated and judged all of the time - just like minorities and gay people are stereotyped and judged all of the time. We are all humans first and foremost. There should be no place for hate of another human being just because of the color of their skin or religion or sexual preference or whatever. See the person for how he or she is on the inside. Draw conclusions based on this.

Racism sucks, but I’ve grown tired of hearing about all the evils of the white man. I never owned a slave, my family never owned them, and I haven’t benefited from slavery in any way. The idea that I should feel bad about my skin and culture because of what others did is ridiculous. Let’s drop the white bashing and the white guilt-trip.


just so everyone knows i am not racsist, but my wife has an indian friend who says that her own country is really racsist more so than australia , which is saying something.
i personally do not care if some one is white, black , purple with red spots nor if some one is gay or otherwise.
if some one is kind that is enough for me.
take care

I married a Mexican man and cannot believe the stuff that comes out of other people’s mouth. They really show off their ignorance, and I can’t understand all the fuss. I was raised in a color-blind family, reserving our judgement on how others behaved rather than looks alone.
People should really think before they speak.

One could even say it was insane, one of the purest forms of insanity, the real insane.

Read about Ancient African Civilization and its developments as well as the accomplishments of African-Americans throughout history…maybe then you want automatically relate Black or of color with poverty, gangs, and drugs…that would be a good start for many

I’m 43 and a lot of people my age or older where I’m from, the south, thinks its cool to be racist. But starting with the slim shady generation even in the south it is uncool to be prejudice. They are now in their 30’s. I new kids that where white and rebelled by acting half black and half white. So the pissed everyone off. Great youthful rebellion while making a statement. They had parents that where racist but they weren’t at all. So I think it well slowly go away. One of those things I hope to live long so I can see human society evolve for the better.

There is every flavor in my family tree. From Jamaican to Japanese to Mexican to Scottish and I see a lot of racism directed towards members of my family. My Dad has been called a lazy Mexican for only working 8 hours in a day.

This has happened a few times… as people get to know me or my sis and they find out our Dad is half Mexican and we’ve got some Jamaican great grandparents in our tree…

a person will sort of stop and say… “Whoa, I thought you were white” First off, does it matter? Second… we still sort of are if we have to think about it.

I usually have to much going on in my head to worry about my skin.
Racism is still happening. It sad. But that snake has many heads and it’s still alive.

Absolutely. I agree. However racists come in all colours too!