Heavy metal is so soothing

i find only heavy dark metal like Nu metal (Korn) makes me feel better when I feel like im covered in a dark cloud of depression.

feeling better now


Heavy metal does my head in.

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i hate heavy metal especially mercury lol

but all that loud noise scrambles my brain

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My ex wife used to listen to Metal - Metallica was her favorite, I used to listen to it, but this was when I was very Manic - I am back to my old mellow self :blush:


@neveragain I don’t call CSNY -heavy metal.

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Mellow words can change the (organicness) or the forums, maybe it’s time we all…smoked some pot…and just mellow out. Damnit.

Not all heavy metals are bad. Zinc and Nickel you need a bit of those mate. I’d throw a little Pantera in there too :wink:


Well, I was just listening to KoRn and Slipknot. I guess whatever works goes.

I do not feel comfortable listening to music that is not disturbed, aggressive, melancholic, ect.

Linkin Park’s first two albums were good. They sold out.

The Sick Puppies are good for the most part. They have a few songs that are my kind of music.

Marilyn Manson is not for the faint of heart.

Stone Sour is good for the most part. One of their albums sucked though.

Hollywood Undead is alright. They’re irreverent and unapologetic, basically a bunch of d-bags but they sound good.

Disturbed is good. System of a Down is good. Breaking Benjamin is good. I can’t remember them all.

Look up the soundtrack for Queen of the Damned. Mostly KoRn.


Red is good.

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Had a room mate years ago who wound up being Iron Maiden’s concert sound tech for 25 years. So. I have seen some IM shows from the booth or the wings, been back stage, etc. If you think we’re crazy…


Slayer - South of Heaven


Deathklok - Hatredy


Stickdeath Summoning the Beast

May not be heavy metal

This ■■■■ makes me laugh.


I love heavy metal. Always have.


Soothing is the last way I would describe that music.

I used to like Heavy Metal to hide my screams when I lived with my parents.
I didn’t want them to know. It was good for getting out all the young adult angst topped with Schiz- anger, sorrow, woe is me, life sucks out of my system.

I think I passed this onto my son who listens to such heavy stuff, total screaming, black death stuff.

But now things are better so he switched to hip hop rap crap? This is music? :wink:

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