What happened to the heavy metal thread? Well, here’s mine I guess

Well, this could be a new metal thread :metal::metal:.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Slipknot, dope, SOAD and Infected Rain.

Right now I’m listening to a playlist I made from the set lists for Slipknot, then SOAD, from the metal festival I went to a month and a half ago. I’m pretty far into SOAD’s set with my big bulky headphones. That’s what I like, to hades with ear buds!

The festival was called Sick New World, held in Las Vegas.

Check this ■■■■ out:


I never got into Pantera, but I respect them.

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The roots of heavy metal; where it all started:

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When it comes to metal i mainly like metalcore. Mostly stuff from the early 2000’s up until today.
Bands like:
-Memphis may fire.
-haste the day.
-invent animate.
-silent planet.
I could go on. I love having a nice combination of screamo with singing and mad breakdowns.

This is one of my favorite bands, to the point of having a small APC tattoo on my leg.

A friend of mine laughed at me for suggesting there’s art in this video. To him it’s just a dumb video, whatever :roll_eyes:.


I like this video even better, besides loving the song.

My favourite type o negative.:two_hearts:
I don’t think they are heavy metal perhaps ?

This video playing on my tv atm. Dude has a big voice.

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Incredible cover

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Another one from nonpoint

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These songs are so dark.

Why don’t you guys listen to wholesome vintage showtunes?

“Hello my baby, hello my darlin.'”


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RIP Wayne. Opioids are nothing to ■■■■ with.

It’s been ten years since he OD’d, pretty sure it was 2014.

Love this song.

Yesterday saw Foo Fighters, Hot Milk and Courtney Barnett in London. Glad I made it even tho I was not feeling great.

Have a couple of photos


Not sure how long I can keep going to gigs

Just not used to it any more

The crowds weren’t too bad as sat in seated area

But the meds I should have not taken as I was spaced out for about an hour of the foos

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