Heart palpitations

I have them all the time. My doc says I’m okay and my tests say I’m okay, but I’m always having a fast and powerful beat.

It scares me

I need to remind myself I’m very young at 24 and nothing’s wrong, just like the tests show.

I’m a diagnosed Hypochondriac though.


I know the feeling, I have problems with heart palpitations too yet all my tests are fine. It’s hard not to worry about.

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I hate it man, so annoying. I need control over my own mind. My BP was fine at the doctor’s yesterday and he said he’s not worried about heart issues with me.

Mind over matter.

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My heart races. I went to the doctor the other day and my pulse was 115.

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I take Ativan and Indenol for my anxiety. My heart used to palpitate, but now it seems to be okay. But when i have some stress, I don’t see their effects.

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The tests would show if something was wrong with your heart. Let the results put your mind at ease. Try not to worry though it’s easier said than done.

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Thank you everyone

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