Hearing Voices One Side Only

Does anyone hear voices only through one ear? Does it always feel like voices are coming from either your left side or right side? I hear my voices through both ears, it sounds exactly the same as real sound, but this (probably) stupid nurse yesterday said it should only be on my left side. Confused. ???


You need to tell that nurse to ■■■■ off she’s playing with you

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I hear my voices through both ears. Maybe the nurse noticed damage in your left ear and voiced a theory.

My voices are behind me, in another room or in the air. When they talk a lot it is often in the air around me. But I hear with both ears. I can point the location of the voices. If it is not in the air ofcourse.

I hear voices from both ears. They sound like their in the next room. I have a voice that is an old man that says I did something to his son, and a young boy who is calling me a whore. Strange.

If I am hearing one voice it is on my left side. I don’t know why. If the voices are worse there is one voice on my right side and one on my left.

My voices are from both ears, they sound distant yet I can hear them clearly, they call me a liar an ass hole, stuff like that, most of the time I can ignore it, but sometimes it can get to me

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My voices seem to come from a direction so sometimes I will hear it more in one ear than the other. They also sometimes get quieter if I move away from what I think is a source. A lot of the time I can hear them almost all around me.

I don’t know what it is about water and showers but every time I tend to get by a body of water or get into the shower or bath the voices increase dramatically inside and it’s like a cheddar and a giant room and they’re just rolling on top of each other and conversations that the only thing that I can make out every now and again is my alias

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The voices i hear on my left are usually “allies” and seem to be on my level and not overbearing.

The voices I hear in my right ear (which is totally messed up, hole in ear drum and numbness, sensitive sensation) are usually females and usually are ■■■■ talking me. But I get alot of frequency in my right ear that causes it to feel like my head is shaped like pacman (like a pie chart eith right side missing about 30 %) that’s what I’ve been dealing eith lately. I don’t mind the voices as much as feeling like my brain is leaking out of my ear

Left side only is incorrect.

many people hear them in all combos:
left only
right only
both (inside of head, as if a thought)
both(outside source with no direction)
both (outside side source with direction)

any combo can happen and can switch to another combo in the same day.

some heard them loud, others hear whispers, some are so quiet, the person may call them thoughts and not voices

There may be one or a whole crowd.

male, female, child, undistinguishable gender or age

music or any kind and sound effects

nonsense short statements and several full clear sentences

I once beleived, when i first started hallucinating, that people saying tjey heard only certain kinds of hallucinations could determine if they were telling the truth or not. After having experienced several types of my own over the years i know that is false. Lets hope doctors know that too.( i got yhe feeling some dont)

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The voices I hear come from the left side of me back about 10 feet. I’m a Christian and it sounds like these voices are demonic and related to Satin. Any time I read scriptures or make an effort to practice my faith they mock me as I attempt to grow closer to Jesus Christ. The voices come from the left, they are a little above a whisper.

Mine are over my right shoulder. They blaspheme and torment me when I read scripture and try to pray

Do you have any past drug use or any experiences that started this?

I dont know if you know this but anyone on the earth in physical form chose to follow Jesus Christ in Heaven before coming to earth. Those on the earth also fought in the war in heaven against Satin and his followers. I hear the same expressions directed towards me. You must be one of the special spirits God created.

This isn’t a Christian belief that I’m familiar with. That would go against everything the bible says

First of all, what do you have against silky fabric? But, also, that’s ■■■■■■ up and you should really get back on your meds.

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Lmao you ass hole :joy:

I think I’m deaf now, can’t hear my inner thoughts

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