Hearing something completely different from what's actually said

Does anyone hear actual people talking (at any distance) but hearing something completely different from what’s being said?
My brother tells me what people are actually saying (numerous times) but it’s something completely different.

Another thing: I record a lot of audio because I hear my neighbors talking about me almost the whole day.
I hear them saying things when they come in and out of the building, outside the building and above, below and to the side of me.

I recorded a guy screaming at me but it was at low volume but I could clearly hear it but my brother could not even after 3 playbacks.
If I’m hearing recordings of something that’s not there, then how far am I down the rabbit hole?

Not on meds

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I don’t hear something different than what was said, but sometimes I hear someone say something and then they say they didn’t actually say anything. It’s hard to tell if they actually didn’t say anything or if they’re lying to me


I have to watch TV with Closed Captioning on due to this.

Also have a hard time hearing what people are actually saying… It’s like the real audio gets warped into something different.

This still happens even though I’m on 15mg of Abilify.

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Anyone else?
Is there a name for this specific condition?

It’s called marriage. “No I don’t want to spend Christmas with your parents” is heard as, “gosh I want to spend every holiday from now until the end of time with your mom and dad.”