Hearing problems and Medicare

My wife always tells me I can’t hear. I used to be a helicopter pilot and didn’t wear earplugs because I couldn’t hear the radio with air traffic controllers and other aircraft.

I had my hearing checked every year in the military and had the VA check it last year. They said I had some loss but didn’t recommend anything.

So my wife suggested I go to my regular doctor outside the VA and ask for a hearing test. Did that today and they tell me I have significant hearing loss in high pitched sounds and need to consider wearing hearing aids. She told me Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids and the good ones are about $3200 each. I am assuming I need two at that price.

I am going to go back to the VA and show them these results. I ain’t paying $6400 for hearing aids. If the VA gives them to me I may try them.

Anyone else found another way around this? I have Tricare secondary to Medicare.

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I have a Medicare advantage plan. It covers $1000 per ear for hearing aids. Check with your insurance if you have a plan.

I have Tricare for life so I don’t have another plan


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