Hearing noises in my house

So I’m lying in bed and I hear strange noises about. I’m scared to go check.

Get up turn lights on and investigate with a mobile handy! If something not right ring the cops immediately and lock yourself in your bedroom.

It may not be anything major…do you have a pet?

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I have a cat upstairs. Ok, so I turned the bathroom light on in the hallway. As soon as I did something dropped suddenly outside. Will the cops think I’m wasting their time to look around my house for me?

So outside house…Bluff. Keep phone handy and ready to dial and start talking to someone like Hey Geoff get up there’s someone there. Take your time and listen and just find out what is going on. If your really scared it’s not bad having 911 on the line…just explain what is up.

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how did you go? bit worried here!

So I went ahead and called and they’re checking my property, including another neighbor that also called.


cool. Did the right thing! Sounds a bit dodgy. Most robbers are opportunists. If you challenge them they’ll run…I’m off to bed. Let me know the outcome and your all safe for the night!

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Thank you. Yes, glad they came out. I’ll let you know.

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Turned out to be a pesky trash panda. A raccoon…lol scared me to death the little bugger. I haven’t slept one bit because of the commotion.

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