Heard from my rheumatologist

He wants me to get an ecg in 2 weeks. If my heart is fine he’s going to increase the dose of my new meds. I guess it’s not placebo after all

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I know when things are going wonky with your health and meds this placebo thing is an easy kind of solution for your brain.

But it’s not placebo.

You’re just trying to make sense of why nothing is working.

Fact is,

Medicine and treatment is a lot of trial and error.

You try something, if it doesn’t work, you try something else.

Sounds like by doing the testing, they’re trying to see what’s working.

Our brains want an explanation in these stressful situations and it seems you’ve rested on placebo.

I hate you’re struggling with it,

But that is a delusion.

No doctor would take the effort to conspire with other doctors against one patient.

Oaths aside, I don’t think they would put in the time or effort for that.


I think she meant to type “I guess it’s NOT a placebo”, as she said in another thread that she doesnt believe that anymore.

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In that case,

Apologies for my rant and such.

Glad you are feeling better about the situation, @CoCo.


@Bowens is correct @Charles_Foster . I meant to say it’s NOT a placebo. Sorry!


It’s totally ok @Charles_Foster . I was really struggling with paranoia yesterday. I feel much better today.


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