Healthy food

The past 7 days I’m eating fruit in the morning, I buy it in the local shop, It’s 4 euro a pot of fruit, the contents are;,


its exotic fruit, I’m eating more healthy food …


Yeah it’s a good move! Combined with some exercise and your on your way to much better health! That is a pretty good thing!


I love fruit when it’s warm out. I buy frozen fruit now since I’ve learned I go periods of eating/not eating and I was wading foods. Like sort of really enjoy half frozen mango etc.

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Thanks @san_pedro, that’s a good idea. I think I am going to start doing that when I move into my new apartment in July. I will be living directly across the street from a grocery store and it will be a cinch to get access to the food I need daily despite not owning a car.


It’s nice to see you @san_pedro!

Glad you are eating healthier!

I’m eating more blueberries.

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I have been eating fruit instead of crisps and biscuits for snacks.

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That keto diet in the above video is the big new diet that comes from the masses of people that have found it out rather than from the corporate made food pyramid. The keto diet is the opposite of the fake diet in that the carbs are minimized including sugar, and the fats are increased.

It sounds scary because we were all taught the other way. It’s like fossil fuels. We were told that they are from fossils, so they are rare, but actually hydrocarbons are found on other planetoids such as the moon, Titan. Therefore is not from fossils. It is from geological effects, thus is not nearly as limited as was supposed. Again a corporate influence on that. Also it was said that CO2 would kill the plant world, and we’d all die of a poisonous gas. The fact is that it would feed the plant world, the plant world would make more oxygen, more oxygen would support more animate life, and it would have the opposite effect than what the corps are saying.

I believe the keto diet. I have been a vegan for five years, but when I try this diet, I feel mentally amazing, so… I still say organic food is the way to go just because I’ve seen so many corporate traps in the food and beverage industry where they mimic food, but they aren’t selling what was “food” before they were protected by their government partners.

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