Heal the gut

I think that the first thing that you need to do with schizophrenia is look for viruses, parasites and bad bacteria in the gut and heal the gut

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Some things that have helped me are black walnut, wormwood, garlic, myrhh, oregano and super greens which includes broccoli

I read somewhere that dairy is bad but idk how I could live without dairy. It may have just been a subpopulation of us

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is there any treatment for gut microbiota except probiotic foods

I used to feel sick when I ate cheese I found out I was lactose intolerant so I gave up dairy

black walnut, wormwood, garlic, myrhh, lions mane, oregano, artichoke, chinese yam, brocolli and green leafy vegetables in general, aloa vera, dandelion

OK I dk for sure I need to read this article it has journals as evidence


@naturallycured are you doing gluten free diet along without dairy?

I wanted to start a vegan 70-80% raw low fat diet, but power went out today and my fam had to eat pizza since the blender wouldn’t work.

Im not allergic to gluten just dairy just dairy free and im also fructose intolerant so sugar free also Ive noticed that junk food makes me sick so Ive given up McDonalds, KFC and Burger King

Prebiotics might help. Prebiotics are basically food for your gut. I’ve been looking into this for a while. I’ve tried probiotics like saurkraut and pills. They help a bit. I had really good results when I cut out dairy though. I definitely got more clarity.

There might be diets that change your gut microbiome. The carnivore diet might be a good option. It’s known to change your microbiome. That’s pure speculation though. I haven’t tried it myself. However, I’ve had ridiculously good success with getting on a therapeutic ketogenic diet to treat schizophrenia. The results have been nothing short of a miracle in terms of treating schizophrenia. The ketogenic diet is known to change the gut microbiome as well.

I want to give up junk food. This article makes me want to give up gluten and dairy but I can’t seem to live without them sigh
Especially cheese yoghurt n rye bread soooo dam necessary it seems

How do you know that you are allergic to dairy

I used to be on a vegan highly raw diet it made me so miserable and even anorexic but it may work for you. Make sure to speak to a nutritionist not to miss out on any important nutrition

Thanks for your concern. I am following the Dr. McDougall diet plus having regular smoothies.

I will be eating plenty of starches, and half of my food will be cooked, so I don’t believe I’ll go anorexic.

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