Gut microbiota and microbiome in schizophrenia - PubMed


I’m in this study/research since 4 weeks. Double blind study with either Winclove Ecologic Barrier Probiotic vs placebo.

So far haven’t noticed anything, I think I have placebo or I would’ve at least noticed something that’s different than usual, even if it’s not mental health related.

If I do have placebo I have the option to buy the real stuff for a cheap price but it’ll be after 3 months when the study ends for me.


I had a microba gut test done i did a gut clease using black walnut wormwood garlic and oregano oil for 3 months made me feel a lot better dont have gut issues anymore

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I ate probiotics for a while. It didn’t do ■■■■ for me. I also stopped eating gluten and dairy it didn’t do anything either.

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LS! Can somebody explain why it does not help to take probiotics?