Heads a complete blank

hi, just thought i would ask people if it is good to have a completely blank mind?

i have an idea that this might be mixed but personally i dont think i like a completely blank mind, so voting open please…

  • completely blank mind
  • mixed thoughts
  • balanced
  • or indifferent

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That alright unless you dont want to DO anything or want to avoid doing anything or have lost all or some motivation. then u r in trouble

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idk man, its a complete blank, seems like there is nothing there, very weird, i use to always be thinking about something.

that too is a thought (strong one) …:slight_smile:

yeah but its a non-thought if you know what i mean (doesnt mean anything) (doesnt count)

trying to make sense of something that is nothing (not there)

Compulsive thinking and/or being stuck with a strong thought is a major issue with Psychosis. I too get into this mode during my delusional episode (of being injected). Then I am many times unable to think and/or do anything else simply because my excessive focus is on the delusion.

Our awareness and perceptions are only limited to handle a limited processing capability… Something like the CPU of a computer…If 90% of the capacity is taken by the Thought (many times a Delusion) you leave the rest of 10% by which you or me are unable to achieve anything…hope u r getting the drift

I know EXACTLY what you mean…During a delusional episode of strong intensity I too experience a feeling that I am not able to think anything…I behave in almost a complete ■■■■■■■■ mode. Look at the CPU percentage of my previous post…its somthing similar to that what happens (It is known as Compulsive thinking)…a problem with Psychosis

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do you know when you supress your memory so much that it is not there and you have all of this space, (potential space) but you dont know how to fill it? like should i fill it or should i let it be?

what if God was part of a type of icloud and i am tapping into it, more space than i could ever need, like eternal space, but maybe that is going too far lol, idk if i like this, its hard to explain, the complexities of the mind

Im delving into Spirituality and philosophy – your true consciousness is infinite and unmeasurable…what we ordinary (unenlightened) human beings live under is a false sense of consciousness that is limited for everyone (Psychosis or not). Even the so called Normal (non-psychotic) individual lives with a finite and a limited consciousness. He/She is no way greater than a psychotic individual.

Coming back to your original question - I dont think suppressing memory is a proper thing to do. It is not correct to manipulate your memory or mind. It could lead to harm to your mind.
take care

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well i am thinking maybe some of the less open minded type people may be limited in that regard,

and although i am struggling to understand things right now i am wondering whether being completely open and completely blank are one or the same thing

suppressing, dismissing, fact is that i have a box with a key and this is where i hold all of my memories, there is also lots of little boxes in that drawer and these need keys also and you know most of the time i lose the keys but yeah it is locked up tight,

leaves more space for nothing haha

First point is quite true. On the second point, They are not the same thing.

Mind or Consciousness is not a box and to think like that is wrong thinking.

i didnt think they were tbh, i think one could be open minded the other closed but what would you be open too? thats a thought.

i remember being taught something but my memory is fickle (meds related) but it was about this topic and if i remember right it is the super ego that holds all the keys to accessing (files) in our memory, a bit like an admin, this part of the mind seems to faulter when it comes to mental illness in my opinion,

keeping an open empty mind may give the brain a rest in a way i guess idk

A completely blank mind feels awful for me. It’s mind wipe and it’s one of the things this head circus does to me.

I’ll have an idea… I’ll have my next thought or action lined up and swoosh… mind wipe… completely blank… can’t get my thoughts or words back on track.

If I want give my brain a rest I take a nice slow walk… I do something simple and satisfying… I take a nap. But a blank mind hits at the worst times.

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My mind goes blank all the time. Especially certain times of the day or key moments when I’m doing something. Having a blank mind in my mind can be serenity as well because sometimes when my mind is at peace with itself I feel like I have nothing to fight and it feels good.

Have a good one!

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