Empty mind

I have not been writing here recently much, because I have an empty mind. I wrote those poems few months ago, but now my mind is empty and I can not create new poems. Do you have your mind empty sometimes?


Sometimes. Currently my mind is very repetitive on a certain few topics.

Yeah man that is most of the struggle for me. Just finding things to think about throughout my days.

sometimes this can be a good thing.

during my two years of being symptom free and 16 months of sobriety I noticed I wasn’t thinking a whole heck of a lot really, was just simply being.

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ya I get that sometimes, I get it mostly with memories…where I lose the ability to remember important memories of my life, which are depressing me, like a defense mechanism, I like it, it helps in life, recently it helped me to forget about a guy I fell in love with, while I still see him and spend time together sometimes, because I forgot the things that got me to love him, I’m not sure if this inability to remember will last but it has been working for a week, I like it.

Empty as the way of creativity yes. Empty as of clear of voices/images I can’t control no. For me it’s something similar to writers block…

Yes I get an empty mind sometimes, I go blank.

I do get a very empty mind at times. Then I have to go away and take a walk or swim and then it fills again.

It’s like a bad trick. When I’m calm and in a talkative mood, I have nothing to say. When I’m in a situation where I can’t be talkative, then my mind has a thousands things to say.

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take care


today i have an empty mind, feels a bit silly/odd its kind of disturbing cuz i just feel like im in a space of 0 thought

YES, I feel like I have an empty mind a LOT. And it bugs me a LOT.

My pdoc says he’s going to start decreasing my meds, so hopefully that’ll make a difference.

Sometimes my mind gets full of the wrong stuff.

The empty mind feeling Is back again today. My head is totally quiet but I have no thoughts

mine all the time…gud luck :mask:

I hate days like that… I find I sit still when that happens because I just can’t think what to do next.

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I thought it was just me.

Sometimes I sit and think other times I just sit.

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