Drawing a blank

idk if its a good thing or not but my head seems totally empty

Oh I get that a lot too. I think it’s though blocking or something like that.

It makes me feel really stupid because I could be in the middle of a conversation and then bam, no thoughts.

It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it.

well its weird bc i know i cant think about things all the time like i use to when i was unwell, i had thoughts constantly spinning around my head and it was just pure worry about how i am going to cope and get on with things as well as symptoms.

having an empty head is ok but i tend to forget about things a lot and idk if that is meds related but its short term memory and although i am working on it, it is just hard to describe what i have done,

i know what you mean about the thought blocking but with me it seems to be only possible on meds bc otherwise i have no control over my thoughts and i realised this a couple of days ago when i forgot my med and i have recently cut my dose as well,

i’m having that feeling you described constantly, i feel stupid but i think its more about being openminded as well, but it is a really hard feeling to describe

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