Hazy - song lyrics i wrote

Woke up this morning
Got out of bed
Got myself dressed
I dont know what i said

You keep on pushing me
But i have no idea
Whats going on inside this head of mine?

What did you say to me?
What did i hear?
Am i just going crazy?
Or is it no big deal?

Everything ive ever done fades away
All my memories are in a distant grave
I know their stored in here
But their hidden and locked away

Waking up each morning
Confused and distressed
People keep on talking to, talking to my head

I know your saying something
I can see it on your face
It aint going into my ears
All i hear is fake

I dunno, i dunno, i dunno, i dunno
Whats going on at all
Everything is flashing by
As if its going 100 plus

I dunno, i dunno, i dunno, i dunno
Like im in a heavy fog
Taking myself down this road
Autopilot and all

They say i need to calm myself down
But it all goes round and round
Spinning endlessly
Obsession calls

Waking up each morning
Getting myself dressed
Sometimes i feel so gone
Its as if im dead

Oh oh oh ooh

You said go, i said stop
Lose control, health os shot
He said left, she said right
All i have is the fight

Waking up each morning
Getting myself dressed


These lyrics tell me how colorful your mind’s creative space is. Continue expressing yourself :slight_smile: