Having trouble again


This ■■■■ just doesnt stop. I can’t allow myself to believe what I hear. It makes it seem so real. I’ve grown more comfortable with it, but it just seems so real. It leaves me looking for clues becoming distracted and vigilant. I see barely any room for me to live an ordinary life. I had become undone and had to rebuild myself, and after nights like last night I am afraid I can fall back into that terrible place where I have no identity and am forced to accept the worst portions of human nature. All from the suggestions of this potential telepathic conspiracy. It seems like they hear it also. A old friend passed by my car when I was in a lot and I said his name in my mind he stopped and turned around looking freaked out or interupted, but didn’t see me. Evidence of telepathy, evidence of thought broadcasting. I could just chock it up to coincidence, but I have dozens of the experiences every day. It just goes on and on and on.

On a happier note I think I have found stable ground in my isolation a platform to defend myself from voices. Through distraction and not listening and trying to think unrelated thoughts doing all I can to not feed them. If I can rid myself of this self-consciousness that the voices reflect in my isolation then maybe I will have the clarity of mind to phase out this telepathy. I have had success in blocking it in the past or ignoring it to the point it was virtually gone. This is such a battle though.

Good luck to all of you in your struggles.


It seems like you found a way to distract yourself from the voices.I know it’s a struggle but you’re doing it.:smiley:


I am lucky.the voices stopped when I started clozapine.but I do get a lot of anxiety and sometimes I wonder what I am doing here as it is so ****.I hope you can find something that will help you bryanashly I really do…


Thanks guys. The voices have been pretty quiet since I had that breakthrough the other day. It’s really nice to have some peace and quiet. Or relative quietness. Good luck again.


ok hunni…you’re doing great and it’s just a blip. you have moments of clarity when you know the voices aren’t real so you can do this. yes…it is a battle but one you will ultimately win. your experience with your friend was exactly that…a coincidence. the brains of schizophrenics are wired to find patterns, meaningful coincidence where there is none…you know this but it is still a battle. all i can say to you is remember the reasons why you cannot be telepathic. remember how difficult it would be for them to function when hearing, seeing, feeling your every thought, feeling, emotion yet still living their own lives. it’s ■■■■ hunni. it really is. my voices try and convince me all the time but it’s bollocks i just will not go for. i used to believe in it 100% but not now. every time it crops up just try and reason it out in your head. you can do this.