Having hallucinations since I got home from the hospital

I was literally going insane. Though I no longer see my hallucinations and they disappeared (I can still talk to them) I still get hits of my name being called, feel something touch me or touch my backpack. and other times, I can hear people sitting crying.all in my brain and it wont take any more problems

If you would describe the nature of the perceptual expereinces and why you have believed certain things in response to them… maybe we could discuss it better. One thing I would suggest is not labling your self insane like an automatic response. Name calling does not resolve anything.

i get and see people touching my neck etc…the only thing i can say is you get used to it…
it is like you always see two worlds…i have been doing this such a long time nothing rarely bothers me…
take care

i get that as well, i hear my name everywhere but i try and deal with this by saying ‘its a popular name’ and that helps a bit.

I also hear my name. I try not to respond if I can’t see anyone talking to me. Ppl might think I’m deaf because I don’t answer on first time someone talks to me. Or saying something behind me. My voices talk behind me or from another room.

yeah,its a pain in the butt…biut you will get used to it…not much comfort,just some nasty reality…hang tough


will do. Thanks for replying. guys :smile:

Wow I have the exact same halucinations. The crying is the worst.

I can actually see my hallucinations again DX