Could these be hallucinations?

When I’m in my apartment I hear rumbling noises, just as if someone was dragging furniture on the floor, when I analyze the sounds it seems they’re coming out of thin air but they always originate from the same area. I don’t think it’s my neighbor because it happens even when he’s at work.

I took to wearing earplugs to protect myself from that and voices that shout. Those rumbling sounds I’m talking about are muffled, anyone have something similar?

Thankfully with the earplugs I don’t hear anything.

I’m very sensitive to sound. I hear big booming sounds from the rooms of my housemates.

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I’m sorry. I don’t have hallucinations. Could you try going out and checking if you can still hear the voices? Or when you’re in class? Or on the balcony? Maybe it’s little mice in your neighbour’s apartment? :mouse:

I do not know, but my voices when I have any are very clear statements or sayings by somebody whom I know or may know although these people are nowhere near me. Thank God my meds are working.

LMAO, we did have a mice problem before but everyone here owns a cat so they know better than to come snoop around! Plus I don’t think they would sound like furniture being dragged across a short distance.

I’ve gotten used to living with earplugs on, it seems like the most sensible solution. At night there is less noise and the corner store downstairs is closed so less traffic in the building.

In class, I sometimes hear people calling me names, I’m scared of being called fat and I’m mostly mute with the people around, but I’m trying my best! This is a marathon, not a sprint! :smiley:

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aw I’m sorry. Hopefully it gets better. I don’t think anyone would call you names at all. You’re tall, I don’t think you’re fat. Exercise helps. Good luck!!

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Yeah the name calling might be hallucinations. I have this fixed idea that everyone is talking about me and I was raised in the French system where you were not allowed to talk in class so all the chit chat makes me nervous.

Since being active I feel less need to overeat, I might walk home from school today and in the future before winter arrives, I’m down 3 pounds already.

Man it’s gonna be a long hard road to recovery, will have to muster all my willpower to get out of this rut.

Be a little confident in yourself. I don’t think anyone is talking about you at all. Good luck with weight loss. I’ve been over eating these couple days, will diet tomorrow. But I wonder why you’re thinking this way if you;re on meds? maybe the dosage isn’t right?

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I’m on the max dose of Invega. I’ve been hiding in my Apartment for the last 5 years so being around people is kind of a shock.

ah, it’s gonna take time then. I’m sure you’re gonna do excellent soon. Maybe it just takes a little getting used to.

Maybe we can meet sometime for a cup of coffee once I get back from vacation and just talk about our psychosis :smiley: I’m not looking for anything though, just friendship and good coffee, if you want to.

I’m not gonna call you names.

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Yep why not! I hope you enjoy your trip to Lebanon! :innocent:

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You’ve been pretty nice so far so I doubt that would be the case. :wink:

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