PTSD do we all have various degrees?

Although I was never diagnosed with PTSD. I felt traumatized by my psychotic episode and the stigma that follows, for quite sometime. Is this different than PTSD? What are your thoughts?

I have trauma from my psychosis, it’s not that unusual.

Do you see a therapist?

I don’t have the symptoms but I have tons of trauma. Sometimes I consider myself lucky with mental health.

I’ve not worried about stigma too much beyond one particular incident. Trauma from psychosis, yeah, had that (not to mention a horrible childhood). It’s useful for keeping me med compliant. No interest in returning to a state of perpetual terror. I guess I’m lucky to not have delusions that are easy to fall in love with like some here.


I did at first. Always felt some trauma after every episode but the first was by far the worst. My wife was always there to talk to and was of great help ,although there where times my talk was just to much for her. I did a lot of writing to.
The therapist was good at first but later I think anyone who would really listen was fine.

I don’t know what are your symptoms of trauma, so I can’t really tell if it’s PTSD or not, but you should see a psychologist about this, and get yourself properly diagnosed or not.

There’s treatment for it.

I plan on telling my next therapist all about my traumas. Would not be surprised if I get diagnosed with PTSD in the next month or two…when I get a new therapist. My old pdoc didn’t wanna diagnose me because they give medical marijuana for PTSD in my state. But that’s not too much of an issue because I’m in recovery now…and well…weed is legal anyways.

No I don’t have it at all now ,but just felt terrified then it’s been 16 years since my first episode. I remember after I got better I would have things that would kinda take me back to my episode bringing on fear or anger .I would literally spend 90% of my thoughts on my episode and what happened to me. Slowly got better. I think a lot of it may have been just the terror of the situation I thought i was in.

I think that’s natural, once we’re sane again it all seems scary and foreign. If it’s better now, that’s good.

Do you have nightmares with it still?

I saw my mother-in-law in a two piece on the beach. Does that count as PTSD?


There pretty rare and usually not that terrifying but I have some . Not as intense as the triggers that would come out of nowhere. But I definitely don’t have those anymore.

When I had my bad LSD trip I had a nightmare every single night for 8 months that I was tripping balls in my dreams and something bad happened every time in those dreams beyond tripping, like I would get stabbed or arrested or something else. Thank God that stopped. I would only sleep in 2 hour intervals because I was woken up by the nightmares EVERY SINGLE night for 8 months. But all my PTSD symptoms have vanished.

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Possibly ,…

I wouldn’t worry than, seems like your mind is taking care of it on it’s own. You must be a strong person :slight_smile:

If you feel you should talk about it, see a therapist. I’m currently seeing one, but I figure he’s not really an expert on PTSD so I might see a second therapist that especializes in sexual abuse and trauma.

I think maybe PTSD is to strong a diagnosis for what I experienced. But I definitely think we all deal with different levels of trauma, that need different amounts of healing. Maybe not meds but need to be shared with someone.

Was your onset of sz drug related?

I’ve had it since I was 14 and never did drugs til I was 18. But it certainly didn’t help the cause!

We all have different thresholds for emotional and physical pain, it’s not like a quality in the sense it makes one better than other just because he doesn’t get traumatized easily, and some of us just get traumatized more easily. It’s nothing to be embarassed about, it’s treatable and should be taken seriously.

I felt trauma during my psychotic episodes, but relief after I snapped out of it. I don’t believe I carry any mental scars from those times. Dust in the wind.


I can’t recall any major trauma that haunts me so no to your original question. That doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t, I don’t know you & am not your doctor