Having 20$ for week ahead

It’s a mess,my situation.I got only 100$ a month,my disability so I’m forced to beg and borrow…
Most of my friends have around 400$ a month,with that I could survive.Yet,I don’t envy anyone…

Dude get 7 cans of black beans and a loaf of bread with some peanut butter.

That’s about 20 bucks and it’s a decent amount of food per day.

2 half cans of beans… 2 pb sandwiches a day.

Survival mode bro! Survive!


Meds not included…

I’m sorry. That is an absurdly low amount. Why do they give you so little?

Well,my country is in economic collapse,I live in Eastern Europe,so when i used to work,I payed social and med help as little as I could.So when I closed my store,and went on disability,they gave me smallest amount.

I’m sorry. That really sucks. I hope something turns up for you.

Thanks,it means that someone realizes my situation,I’m tired of bagging for food and meds.Paradox is that I used to work in church kitchen,and help with homeless and poor people.Sometimes I think to go there and get my meals,but it messes with my pride…

Certainly $20 goes a longer way in your country than the USA, or am I completely wrong, could be the other way around now that I think about it. Doesn’t seem fair your disability amount is so low compared to what we get in America.

Food is more expensive then in Germany or Belgium.

Go there if you have to. There is no shame in it. You wouldn’t have looked down on someone else for going there and neither would anyone else.


Atleast you can lose weight 1600 calories daily is cheap :wink:

Yeah cuz of inflation? It’s like you can be a billionaire in Zimbabwe but to a lesser extreme.

No,I just don’t understand how I got to here.For about seven years ago when I had store,my standard dropped rapidly.

I use to give this people who were users of church kitchen clothes,shoes and even bring clothes detergent from my own house.

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Do you have food banks in your country??

I’m lucky I get free perceptions here.

When I was a student I used to eat a lot of pasta or porridge.

Both are less than £1/kg. And I sometimes add sugar or milk to the porridge when I have a little more to get by with.

The most expensive thing is going to make your pasta less bland. I can only eat it with a butter and pepper sauce so many times. Try adding veg to it…

Oh I also forgot cheap dried noodles :ramen: they often come flavoured or with a sachet and you can add veg to it from a farmers market.

Now I am ashamed for posting this.My health is fine,I thank God for that.The rest in life is all for humans.Just thought that something is big thing.I don’t spend much,and what I have I must realize how to manage.As for rest,I think I would manage to solve.Yeah,it’s not much,but Azley made point.Only I can change the way it is.Thank you @ninjastar .As much is little,I will survive.Thank you all really very much.

Sometimes you need to be able to share with like-minded inderviduals.

I try to be non judgemental, unless someone tells me they have stopped or reduced their meds.

This site is a really good peer support resource :wink:

Don’t be ashamed of asking for help though. Being too poor to afford food is a significant problem. You need help to get through it.

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