Haven't slept for a few days

I haven’t slept for 48 hours now, no idea why. It’s very frustrating, I’m so tired but I can’t sleep.


That’s would concern me.

Try working out to tire you. It might help

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Might be worth checking with your docs. Sleep is important.


Take phosphatidylserine sunflower version preferably around 5 PM. It will surely help you to get deep sleep at night.

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Try bananas with banana peel left on. Try eating the whole banana, peel and all.

That way your getting lots of tryptophan which helps you sleep. It may take a few weeks for tryptophan to build up.

Don’t take tryptophan supplements. They are very dangerous. It may help.

Best of luck.

Have you slept yet?


Please don’t eat the banana peels. I just found out they can be toxic to the liver and kidneys.

Normal bananas without the peel will be fine though.

no I haven’t slept

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You need to call you doctor right away, it’s really important.


Eating bananas with the peel still on them lmao are you crazy lol

I’ll call him tomorrow if I don’t sleep tonight

I slept! Not long but better than nothing

I agree.

It’s extra important for schizos to get enough sleep.

Maybe you should get sleeping tablets.

I needtablets.

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