Haven't showered since October

I haven’t showered since October due to negative symptoms and dullness. Will this affect my health in the long run?


I mean……I’m actually kind of speechless. That’s hard to do.


I am the same way as well. I go months. :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:

Showering daily is bad for you. But going that long without it is probably not good. I don’t think there is an answer to that question.

I have to force myself to shower every freaking time but I do it at least twice a week.

You just have to put your mind on autopilot and get in there.

It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.


yikes, i thought my 2-3 days was bad. do you not smell yourself or even feel a bit grimy in some way? i cant stand the way my body feels after going over a few days of not showering

I think 2 days is fine. Unless you have to go somewhere. If you shower too much it removes the protective layer on your skin.

Do you have a problem with sticking to things and vice versa?


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I did that before more than once. Went whole winters without a shower. But i didnt have running water or hot water at other times. But id use babywipes sometimes and wash my hair in cold water about 1-2x a week.

Now that my moms house has a small water hearter i take a quick shower 1-2x a week.


I’m pretty much the same. I’ve found that after a while the dirt kind of crusts over and I don’t stink. I use deodorant liberally. As long as you don’t stink people here don’t complain about you.

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I currently go 2-3 days between showers but there has been times where it’s been weeks. I also have gone long periods with poor dental hygiene, but I’ve recently started brushing my teeth every day again. Yes, it’s really gross, but sometimes it’s so hard to do these little things…

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Oh wow. This is gonna sound crude but its the first thing that came to my mind. Doesnt your butt crack feel super gross? I cant go but a few days without it feleing gross lol


I shower almost every single day.
The only exception is if I’m staying home and not going anywhere.
I can’t stand the icky feeling of being dirty, I couldn’t go months in hardest effort without showering.

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Honestly impressed. Congrats on this accomplishment.

Hope you pull out of this state soon.

You could get serious rashes that are hard to get rid of but i understand you i shower once a week but have sometimes gone 3 weeks to a month without showering but i get rashes in my thighs and i pick my butt out in public if i dont shower

You’ll have to put yourself on autopilot and get to it tbh, there’s no better advice than that. don’t think about it, and just get in the shower and hopefully the more often you do this, eventually you’ll feel more normal about shower fears and you’ll want to shower.

i shower pretty much every 2nd day, if i miss a day I get grossed - this happens during depressive spells and you have to ride it out by getting into the shower. but as soon as you do, you feel ready to do other things like tidy up the kitchen and clean the bathroom

You just made me feel better. I haven’t showered since last month due to the same reasons. I have gone longer also. I haven’t seen any negative consequences. I just make sure Im wiping myself down, using deodorant and changing the underclothes. So far so good. My wife has a good nose so I can always use her as a gauge since she has no prob telling me that I’m starting to smell.


Maybe you could pour half a bottle of shower gel into a hot bath and just soak for an hour once a week?