Have you tried talking with your voices about everyday things?

My voices aren’t interested in small talk. Mostly they speak about what is emotional for me or deeply religious content. What about you if you have a dialogue?


what do you mean, like “asmodeus: what do you think of the trump administration?”

or “alien 7.2: whats your favorite ice cream flavour?”

that kind of thing?

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Yeah. That’s it. Or vice versa where they could ask you, what sounds good for dinner tonight? Or its such nice weather today.

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i was just throwing it out there, i dont have internal voices myself, but i suspect that there are different personalities and patterns of communication for voices in different peoples experience of the phenomenon of hearing voices. some voices might be unwilling to converse for one person for example while others are willing to do so. yet others may experience auditory hallucinations which arent as clearly defined or deliberate in their expression of ideas. they may just hear vague nonsensical chatter where the voices simply dont acknowledge their presence. like they are listening in on snippets of conversation but cannot participate themselves with the voices. so its different for everyone i suspect and the same for a few.

hopefully you get some good replies from people who experience voices just like you do or at least similarly

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I talk to some about daily plain things but they seem less responsive. In the headspace I’ll talk to my alters about stuff though.

Your alters aren’t the same as your voices?

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I have DID as well as SZA and my alters are like different personas my brain created. So sometimes they manifest as voices but they can also sort of take my place if I mentally check out.

My alters are also much more consistant ??(I think is the word I’m looking for) my voices are much more sporadic they normally are limited to a couple sentences and they aren’t as recognizable as my alters cause I’ll recognize my alters voices.

Idk if this made a lot of sense if you have questions feel free to ask

That makes sense, and I do have questions. Have your alters told you why they are doing this? What do they get out of it?

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I sometimes talk to my voices, but I’m careful about it.
If I ask them what I/we want for dinner and they can’t agree, I’ll be standing in the store for a long time with a confused look on my face because I can’t make up my mind.

Our communication is mostly “You shouldn’t say that” or “You know I don’t really want to do that”.
In other words, me correcting their bad behavior.


Umm well it’s not really in my control really it’s a coping mechanism it’s just something that happens. Cause it’s a form of dissociation.

Normally I switch when I’m stressed or triggered or panicking though there’s been a couple of random occasions. But normally I’ll have amnesia during the time that someone else is in control.

Nothing really they just do their thing it’s kinda like living with roommates.
like one might talk to people another will quietly leave a situation another will drive us home from the doctor another will cook. They all react and behave differently for different situations. They aren’t always helpful but yeah.

Sorry if I’m being confusing

we talk about everyday things. I discuss with them.

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