Voices speak more than me

Ive just noticed recently that most of my dialogue in my mind tends to be a voice that I’m not actively in control of. I recognize my stream of thoughts for what they are, but there tends to be more noise from voices than of myself. I’m handling it just fine now a days, but it’s been a long road. Nothing feels off at the moment, I’m happy to be in a relaxed, quiet, neutral state.

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What do your voices say?

Oddly specific up to the moment commentary of my experience

I have that a lot too. Usually they are very critical.

Hi, You maybe aware of Sub Vocalisation, or inner speech patterns, could I ask if they are yours or would you attribute them to the voices, it’s good that you can co-exist alongside them, as they are hopping you fall foal of their mind games. I find that if you repeat a non nonsensical paraphrase like I don’t have 5 pound, and no matter what they say or try to pull just keep repeating it within your head. Some times they give up, it depends on how badly they hate you.

Ive heard of sub vocalization

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