Have you tested your Testosterone or Hormones lately?

How high was it? How much overweight do you have? If youre female and you tested other hormones let me know also! As i strongly believe the medication is influencing the hormones in the body. Its not a mystery anymore that Xeplion for example raises the Prolactin hormones in the body. Prolactin is a feminine hormone used during breastfeeding.

I tested my hormones and the testosterone was quite low but still in the average 2,6 µg/l, while the prolactin was in the normal zone due to me not taking paliperidone anymore. The testosterone being low quite upset me but i know that 1) i am inactive physically, not doing any sports apart from lifting weigth like once in a week 2) i am 40-50kg overweight. Weight and physical inactivity affects the testosterone badly.

What are your most recent results?

Had normal T, (but in the lower range), prolactin was borderline high, but still normal

was on paliperidone like yourself. This was 1.5 years ago. Back then only 5-10 kg overweight(10-20lbs).

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i don’t know. my hormones have skyrocketed/

met some new people?

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My t levels are lower than average by 25%. They thought I was on juice and they have me tested annually

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I had mine tested online they sent the kit I sent it back. 120 was the high I scored a 96. I was taking fenugreek kept T at healthy level. I took DAA raised T quite a bit. Not sure about other hormones levels my prolactin is probably raised some coz the risperidone I take.

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I remember when i was physically active and doing sports everyday for 2 hours i felt the testosterone pumping through my veins in the body. It was amazing everyday.

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A few years back I was tested and was low average.

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My Testosterone levels are a bit low, but there is not much that I can do about it, testosterone replacement therapy is downright dangeous for ones health


I wish I could be at peak health like that. With so much anxiety and depression it’s hard to spend 5 minutes on punching bag. I do take testrovax supplement by novex it puts veins in my arms visible ones swelling up after I do light exercise. But 2 hours a day all those benefits wow I wish I could achieve that again.

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