Have you had voices from 'gods'

Back in the end of the 1990s when I started having voices one unusual event happened. It was Feb 1999 and I sat in my room in the house where we, I and my former US spouse,lived, I heard voices from ‘Jehovah’ telling me that I should not be emotional. I did not know what it meant at the time, but in the same evening we visited my former US spouse’s grandparents and there happened one event that was quite unusual, which made me extremely emotional. I do not know if these voices tried to warn me about this event. This event started the divorce process between me and my spouse at the time. Weird things have happened.

Have you had any similar experiences with voices.

When I was 10 I was sure God was telling me what was going to happen in the future.

Weird thing was… the voice was right. Hadn’t happened since… but I did start to believe I could predict the future.

That’s been the hardest sneaky brained thinking to get under control.

When I got these voices from ‘gods’ I sometimes tried to follow their instructions, but back in 1999 it got really messed up …at this time I think that these were just voices inside my mind, quite disturbing and I learned not to follow these voices, but ignore these.

I felt intrusive thoughts was god guiding me. I would listen to that voice inside me and it seemed it was steering me in the right direction. Maybe it was because I needed gods guidance at the time. Now I Don’t need him/her/it as much