How the voices started for me

I was meditating breathing very deeply. I was listening closely in my mind for the voice of G-d. As I breathed super deep I got a huge rush of energy. Then I heard a voice say. “I eat your babies.” And immediately I knew it was talking about my sperm. Kinda weird. I thought the voices were ghosts for the first day and thought I had ESP. As the voices didn’t cease eventually I had to call my mom and tell her I was hearing voices which was very hard. She made me go to the hospital and all they did was one guy told me I probably have sz. I was discharged at like 4 in the morning. How did your voices start?

I think I was just sitting down in my apartment with the blinds closed when all of a sudden I heard this clear voice talking to me telling me it wasn’t in my head

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They started in my 11th grade English class back in 2008. I would talk back to them, and some convinced me I was able to read minds. The day they got unbearable, it was the morning and I was in chemistry class hearing them and couldn’t focus on a worksheet. I reported that i was hearing voices to my school counselor and then i realized it was going on for 3 weeks then. I went to get an emergency evaluation and hallucinated a persons voice in the waiting room saying my mom was the cause of all my problems, and that i was a mad scientist. I waited for hours to be seen, and was put on abilify. The voices got progressively worse after the abilify and made me fear for my life

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I was 27, it was spring, I started hearing the words “crazy, crazy, lunatic”.

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After a while, one evening, I was at home, I started hearing conversations, complex discussions. It was internal, but out of control. The voice was eloquent and was speaking fast.
I immediately called my then psychiatrist.
She told me to ignore voices and she upped my dose.

Back in 2003 when I was 16, I started hearing voices and seeing things and I literally fell off this planet into a alternate reality. I even ended up in a young offenders institute because I screamed at a judge. Took until I was 18 to start to wake up from it. I saw and spoke to the souls of dead aliens and soldiers and they were trying to get me to build their technology. I had plans of things drawn out in biro everywhere, but I set it all on fire when I realised I was just crazy

I was 14 or so in high school and I heard a voice in my head saying I’ll be sick if I climb down the stairs. I had to climb down the stairs to get to another class so I used self talk to reassure myself but it was hard and I got a panic attack. This happened more than once.

My voices started around when I was nine or ten years old. After I was eight years old when I was sexually assualted by a preacher. At first every body thought I was just reacting to the sexual abuse. That was in late 70’s I also lived in a Bible belt state and if you didn’t talk about that kind of stuff. So I didn’t get the best help I needed.
So I tried for years to think it was a voice that told me it was my fault and I talked a lot to it. But everyone thought I was just talking to myself. I then in my teens learned to be aware of not talking out loud when people were around. So I have heard voices for 37 years

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