Have you had other sounds instead of speaking voice?


I heard someone screaming once and today I heard drums.


I hear things instead of voices most of the time. I hear doors shutting outside, bells, buzzing, cars pulling in, mumbling, and various other sounds.


I’ve heard screaming too and also someone whistling.


Screaming and crying. Music. Sounds. Whiting. Whizzing. Buzzing. Airplanes.


I’ve heard scratching coming from within the walls before. Probably much scarier than any voice I’ve heard.


I hear knocking sometimes.


I’ve heard a laugh track like you find on sitcoms, sporting event commentary, gunshots, and voices muttering unintelligibly.


Yeh the radio or music over the top of the voices. The voices is like a crowd of people and certain ones stand out n shout or talk to me. Then there’s music or radio djs talking


I sometimes here random weird things. Like the other day i was hearing this high pitch shrieking sound. When i do hear voices, which isn’t often, it just sounds like people talking in the other room and i can’t really make out what’s being said.


scratching at the windows, cats meowing, ringing/buzzing in my head, the sound of a bug eating a leaf(???) in my ear, people sighing or calling my name, knocking from inside the walls,ect


I’ve heard sounds like you hear in electronic music. Bells, synth and horn type things.


Me too.
I rarely have auditory hallucinations but when I do it’s usually different noises that I hear.
Door bell going off, police sirens, door knocking, whistling sound, whispers etc…


dings and dongs and screen doors clapping shut alarm clocks ice cream trucks


The worst I have that isn’t a voice, this one puts me into panic mode

It sounds like dogs in hell gnashing at meat. It sounds so mundane but it always wrecks me and fuels delusions


That’s scary. The screaming I heard was like echo of hell.


I heard computer noises this morning


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