Have you had a house break in?

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Explain what happend. Jukes post about his attempted break in was the same as mine. I woke up at11:11 right as they were fiddling with the door handle.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle::thinking:

I got an upset call from my sister at work one afternoon that our house in Sparks had been broken into. The guy had kicked in the door and gone through the house and taken off with a bunch of our stuff. Mostly my stuff. He got my jewelry, coins, 2 dollar bills, stereo which had one of my Zepplin cds in it. He dumped my clean, folded towels out on the ground and took the laundry basket, presumably to carry off everything he was stealing. He also took a large popcorn tin that was packed full of trinkets and keepsakes. We had to reframe the door that night to be able to close and lock it. We felt so unsafe and violated.

I didn’t even care. Took a piss and went back to bed.

Someone broke into my house when I was out of town.

Stole our guns and prescriptions.

It felt violating.

Hasn’t happened since, but I live in a much safer area now.


Hmm. . .

No, Can’t Say That, That Has Ever Happened. Maybe It Did Though. And I Jus Slept Through It!. Maybe The Criminals Were So Quiet And Sneaky, Like Eels, Or Perhaps Even Little Creepy Worms. And Slithered Through The Floors Looking For Whatever Eels And Worms Eat?.

Very Intriguing.


When I was 8 or so,I had a sleepover at a friend’s house. It was a nice night so we slept on the back porch. In the middle of the night we heard someone enter the house and rattle around. We stayed very quiet under our blankets, and eventually the person left and the parents called the police.


Our house does not look like it possesses anything of value so we’ve been lucky with no break ins ever.

On the contrary, one of our neighbours door got broken open and they went in and stole some things.


When I was about 10 I was visiting my grandparents and we went out when we got back the house had been burgled

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