Have you got any problem with your heart so far?

İf yes what medicine are you atm

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It is not in my heart, but in my brain I can hear my blood rhymtically whooshing at night. I’m hoping it is nothing irreversible.

I might get a scan for it.


Yes, when I took 10 mg of abilify my heart rate sped up.

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Yes my heart rate is high on Abilify and Clozapine

No, im on olanzapine.

I was born with severe heart issues. My medications have not made them worse, and I’m under fairly constant supervision.

I have a heart condition called wolf parkinson white syndrome. Not on any meds for it but I’m on a waiting list to get it fixed. Had it since birth but didn’t know until I had problems with it a couple years ago.

LS! Last year I had my heart thorougly checked. Two times a cardiologist warned me that Risperdal is bad for the heart. I take four milligrams Risperdal daily. Sometimes my heart started racing. But there seems to be nothing wrong with my heart. My resting heart beats per minute is in the range of 50-75.

I have been on Clopixol depot 400 mg every other week and 240 mg geodon for the most of two decades. The only thing I have done to preserve my heart function is to eat whole grains and foods. Maintaining a healthy weight avoid alcohol and not smoke to many cigarettes.

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LS! I do an educated guess that your heart needs exercise too.

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On higher doses of geodon I had a minor arrhythmia, but my doctor said it wasn’t the dangerous kind. I split my dose into morning and night doses and the problem went away.

I don’t have any heart problems so far, but my sister does. She’s having a heart procedure done Tuesday. I’m 61 and she’s 62 years old.

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