Have you experienced loss of apetite on Abilify?

I was recently on Olanzapine which gave me such a healthy happy apetite.

The last week I had a medication change to Abilify and I have noticed that my apetite is not what it was.

I just dont feel so much like eating any more.
A bit like I was before olanzapine perhaps.

I eat 3 meals a day but the amount of food seems smaller now.

How is your apetite on Abilify?

Did you notice a change?

Nope. Abilify increase my appetite. I gained 20 pounds after taking this meds for 1 year.

Olanzapine made me gain 20 kg.

Im 162 cm (i think) (approximately anyway)
Used to weigh between 50 -55 kg
After olanzapine 70 kg

Ive never been anorexic nor had eating disorder .

So you actually gained weight on Abilify.

My Drs told me that Abilify is the medicine least risk to putting on weight with.
They said they were concerned that Ive put on 20 kg.
They thought abilify may make me lose that 20 kg and get my normal weight back.

I dont think so. But you can try. Everybody is different on meds. Some people said they lose weight on Geodon though.

I gained 10lbs on Abilify, I continued gaining weight for a couple weeks after I stopped taking it. Getting back on track was difficult.

Abilify increased my appetite. But if you take a bcomplex with abilify then it’s weight neutral.

I had loss of appetite when I was on Abilify.

Loss of appetite is temporary on abilify don t worry.i used to take that drug and after a couple of week later my appetite come normal which i didn t like it because i used to like loss of appetite

the class of medication it is in (third generation) can and does, for some, cause a loss of appetite. I am on a med that is very similar to abilify (works the same for the most part, with less side effects) and I have a moderately low appetite and prefer studying and really I care more about keeping my weight up than down. I am a retired fighter and I was taught to never get too skinny or else you can be targeted on the streets and broken easily. I stay at muscular and technically overweight but just muscle due to intense exercise.

Yes, I am on Rexulti, the successor of Abilify, and I dont want to eat as much, more like have to eat.

I just ate breakfast and it felt like a chore, to be precise.

The medication works in a strange way, it is complicated, but losing weight on that class of med is certainly not unheard of. If you are underweight, I suggest seeking a nutritionist. If you are overweight, I would not worry, unless you become underweight in like a month.

i did switch to abilify from risperidone …and yes it did cause loss of apetite but that is temporary then it is back to normal @mortimermouse is rexulti effective in treating schizophrenia …i was on abilify but it was not that effective and it was causing restlessness…any update on rexulti this new drug

I gained a lot of weight on Olanzapine then also changed to Abilify. At first I also lost some weight and ate less but it was rather the result of withdrawal symptoms from Olanzapine than the Abilify according to my psychiatrist.

It’s effective. I’m experiencing a very tolerable level of side effects with minor symptoms of schizophrenia and overall very much improved health. Now just because it’s effective for me doesn’t mean it is for everyone else.

It’s like an improved version of abilify, but it works pretty much the same way in the brain.

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I’m on Rexulti which is similar to Abilify and I’ve been unable to eat a full meal for the past 4 weeks since starting it.

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How long the decreased appetite lasts usually?

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