Have you ever had imaginary friends you had deep conversations with?

About 4 years ago I moved cross country to Austin Tx for work. I was on abilify. It was making me sick so I kept lowering my dosage. I eventually was on too low a dose and started going nutty. I ended up throwing all my medication supply (6 month supply) out. I threw it in a dumpster and hours later when I realized what I had done it was gone. I went really nuts for about 3-4 months straight,in and out of hospitals and group homes. I didn’t have any family in this area of the country and my dad abandoned me for making him have to come and cancel the lease on my apartment (it was in his name)

Anyway when I was nuts I thought I had gained all these super abilities and everything was some kind of orchestration. During this time I had a number of imaginary friends come into me. I could see them, talk to them and they befriended me and told me all kinds of wonderful things about myself and my previous lifes. They also presented me with complex problems and helped give me solutions to them. It was like I was a living being with many other living beings inside of me. It was like having a cell phone in my head with direct connections to specific people. A number of these people were celebrities including Christopher Lee and Lady Gaga. Eventually I decided I had to get all the people inside of me to come visit me in person. They agreed and all got together to come see me. Problem is nobody ever showed up. The zyprexa and haldol I was on kicked in and I came down. I was over medicated for a time in a group home full of crazy people and thugs. That was the end of my imaginary friends but it was a wild ride that’s for sure.

I was curious if anybody else has had grandiose experiences with imaginary friends.

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Hell yeah I did. There were so many. It was back when I was in school and smoking a lot of pot. I had an angel stoner friend boy with them cool emo wings and hair. And I had some really old loving people. I met and encountered some dark good power and beings. I had Archangel to protect me and other Archangels. I would feel and see really tall Archangels around my bed and outside my house roaming taking care of me and watching over me. I was never alone. I was aaalways freakin happy man always I had so much energy and wisdom. I was so at peace and one with everyone and thing. I saw my life as a book and I could hear it being written. Since then I always tried to get it back. And now… I hear voices… Bad ones. It’s my fault though duh of course. I use to what I believed have a power of reading and seeing people and now it’s turned on me and I think they are can reading and see me. I always feel watched and not in good nor by good and I feel bad things but it’s all in my head I know. The mind is such a powerful being or thing. I was all spirit back then I have a long story. And I quit smoking and drinking yesterday so… Hell yeah. Can’t keep doin this to my mental health and health overall I can’t control it nor take it. Anyways thanks for reading to the full. And I have a YouTube channel with some of what really bad I was going through with demons and ■■■■.

Would love to see the YouTube if your comfortable sharing. I have similar to you. Voices that are lyars mean nasty dark. But I always wonder, Like for once why can’t just one of my voices be nice to me. ? I guess that’s too much to ask myself in my sick brain

I know… I don’t know whats going on neither. I’m so tired all the time I think it’s getting worse for me and I need to hurry and get help or else idk what will become of this in me. I swear to God I hear them in their head and it’s sucks I’m not allowed to tell my husband about it I’m scared I’ll pass it along to him. My head hurts. I hate for ever finding out about the new age stuffs. It’s what got me like this. I’m like… Why talk about what I’m experiencing since y’all already know what goes down and cannot possibly help. How man I’m tired of asking myself this but hoooooooow can anyone how can they prove the people around me cannot hear a damn thing going on in my own head and brain. Whyy does this have to happen. How can a God make this maan. Last night I was like God has to be real because this is real and I have to use him and call on him to help me and but then when I go out somewhere and I’m like in my head God God God and then in me I’m like oh ■■■■ they know and then they seein… Oh like as if I’m telling then what’s going on with me without my awareness of it and but I’m aware that I’m not but… Idk. Then I feel like I have to stand up for everyone gosh ■■■■. You just can’t do it man you can’t you can’t. Bye take care thank you for reading ma Holmes. In the end we just want to be free and safe man safe safe soooo safe. Idk if people are even being mean what matters is that no one can hear me think and that I am ookk. Seriously guys my only problems is that no one can hear me in my mind. I don’t want that at aaaalll. And then… I’ll be ok. That’s my only problem. The rest I can deal with. ■■■■■■■ voices need to ■■■■ up stop and leave me alone though. I’m sleepy and restless. Tired tired sooo tired. I wanna end it all.

I have imaginary friends but I refrain from talking to them and have for the past 3 years because people are always watching me. Having friends no one else can see or hear is very comforting. You can tell them anything. But I often get scared they might really be demons which freaks me out. If they’re angels like they seem to be then it’s good. But it could be the devil masquerading as an angel of light. That frightens me. But I don’t talk to them anymore anyway. For a while, I knew I was being watched but couldn’t stop myself from talking to them. But I finally got out of the habit.


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