Have you ever done something embarrassing?

I was having a conversation at my partners parents house and I burped mid conversation I was mortified.


Was sitting in a bar one day, and sharted after a curry and left a mark on the stool. I left my pint. :poop:


Ouch that must have been painful :smile:


Too many stories to tell all in one go :sweat_smile:

I think a “classic” moment happened one Christmas Eve morning waaaay back in the day in Downtown Boston.

I had just finished buying last-minute Christmas presents for some folks and was in a hurry to catch the train to head over to their place.

Rushing down the cobblestone walkways with like, five giant shopping bags in tow, I hadn’t noticed the banana peel that was sitting directly in my path.

My knee-high heeled black leather boots took a fat step directly on the banana peel, and I went sliding on the cobblestone sidewalk, landing square on my ass.

It was plenty early in the morning where nobody really saw, except for these two old bums that were sitting on a nearby bench.

Both men were cackling loudly, and I kinda just shook my head in disbelief and laughed as I looked down and noticed the banana peel— like, who expects a banana peel? It’s honestly some sort of Mario Kart shiit, forreals.


So anyways, that’s my embarrassing story about slipping on a banana peel in the middle of Boston on Christmas Eve :sweat_smile: :grimacing:.



Yes! One time when the foot specialist was here I got griping pains and crapped myself. I was so embarrassed and went into hysterical mode.


Ofc, psychosis lol :face_with_peeking_eye:


No kidding. I could write a book.


I felt embarrassed at malls and buses, and other places, talking to people who weren’t there. I’d notice this because other people, usually teens, would come right out and say, “OMG, she’s crazy!” I’d look at them and they’d smirk at me. Then I’d turn back to the person I was talking to, but they would no longer be there. :frowning: Sometimes, I wish I were totally out to lunch, so that I wouldn’t give a darn about it all.

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