Have you ever been the best at anything among the people you know?

I added “among the people you know” because obviously, for all but one person on the planet in any given skill, there is always someone better.

I can think of one thing I was never beaten in off the top of my head. A strategy board game called “Axis and Allies”. It did not matter whether it was a one on one game, or a 5 person team game, my side never lost. I played many, many games of it and was undefeated. I was very good at that game.

Anyway, how about you? Can you think of something that you were the best at?


Everyone speaks English here, so it’s not a big deal. I speak English, if you consider that doing something good.

I’m ■■■■■■■ useless at everything and I’m a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■. Everyone hates me and I’m not good at anything.

I’m sorry @laetitia . I’m sure that you have many skills. You should be proud of yourself for going to school and all the effort that you put in.


When a kid I got through 32 cards on space invaders 2 and got like a score of 28,000 points. I set the record game before of 10,000 which was pretty good considering the previous mark was like 2,800.

That was the highlight of my youth back when there was only simple home games like pong or atari 2600 if you had coin…we didn’t so that was pretty good and I’d be interested in national figures on that one :slight_smile:


I don’t really think I have anything I’m the best at.
I guess in my friend circles, I’m the friend who has a meme for every situation :sweat_smile:


I’m not good at anything, to be honest. If I could I would swear at my graduation pictures and watch them burn. I’m a ■■■■■■■ mess and an embarrassment to my entire family and to my entire country.

I’m also the king of procrastination


I used to be the best analyst in the company I worked for. People used to respect my work.

When we were bought by a US company, most people left and I was left with a manager of the department who drove the company in the wrong direction

It ended up with me leaving as well

That’s my only real achievement, and it’s work-related

Hoping I can get back into it in my new job and find the spark again and do well

This is up in the air, as I have not settled in a job properly for over two years now :frowning:


Yes, several times in my life, especially at a young age. I’ve shown promise in more than one way, but what I’ve always lacked was dogged persistence and perseverence. I am very laid back.
Science, languages, music. I was gifted but my talents, like delicate flowers, have wilted in the absence of proper treatment.

One thing I was never good enough at, however, despite putting in the hours, was chess. My dad keeps beating the begeesus out of me even today.


I don’t know really, depends upon who you ask,
but I think I’m a pretty kick-ass writer though.


The best in rank in a game I was addicted to in my high school clique.


my english language skills are better than most people i know i have got a CPE from Cambridge universityandI speak french


When I was a kid I was the best at chess.

At Uni I was the best at English.

At work I was the best at Strategy.

Now I’m the best at drinking the most coffees during the day.


In statistics class junior year of high school. I consistently got the highest grade in the class on every test. And for each quarter and the semester. He showed the whole classes grades on the projector with our “school codes” next to it so we knew who was who. And not to find out other kids grades. You were supposed to keep those codes to yourself. I wanted to be a professional statistician working for espn. I was so good with numbers and stats. But the teacher didn’t let me join AP statistics cuz I was in geometry B. That destroyed my statistics career. He felt bad when he saw I was the statistician for the girls basketball team and he knew I was passionate about it. Unfortunately was so quiet/not able to advocate for myself at 16 years old.

Well the other moment I knew more than everyone in the group. Was when I was 21 and I got arrested for marIjuana charges and had to do a drug rehabilitation class. I had such a confidence at this point in my life. Was on probation, sober, working out, thinking clear. I didn’t have any delusions before this group but after it created my delusions. Because I was such a star above everyone in the group that they played into the belief I was the chosen one.

Getting pride when you’re not prepared/ready for it could be your downfall.


I used to be a very, very good poet when I was a young woman. Risperdal ruined that talent. I also was a beyond extremely good lesbian erotica writer when I was younger too. My AP’s, especially Risperdal, ruined that talent as well.

I was so good at the latter that I could have made a living at it. And a good living. But, alas, it requires a strong libido which, with Risperdal, I don’t have any more.


Oh gosh, I don’t think so… :upside_down_face:

I’ve been semi good at things… but I don’t think I’ve ever been “the best” at anything out of the people I know…


That surprised me @SkinnyMe

Very cool tho

As you don’t seem overly “sexual” now it comes as a surprise to me. But interesting :thinking:


@Jonnybegood, Before I started on AP’s and an AD, I was extremely sexual and for many years. It was during these years that I was writing all of my voluminous poetry and erotica.

After meds, especially Risperdal, I couldn’t write a thing and still can’t.


That’s a shame. I understand about the sexuality going away on risperdal. But I think if you pushed hard at poetry you’d be able to do it. Hmm I’m sorry to hear about that. At least you got your piano :musical_keyboard:!!

I wrote raps for 13+ years now and recording for 8+ years. And the last 7 1/2 years I’ve been on abilify. It made creativity harder at first but in the long term I work with im given. You know?? Well…keep pressing those piano keys if that’s what you’re into now.


Unfortunately, Risperdal even adversely affects my piano playing. But, I’m trying to slowly come down off of it with the help of my pdoc. No worries.

Good for you for working on your music!!