Have you ever been burned badly? TW GROSS Wound DISCUSSION

So my husband burned his hand very badly. Borderline 3rd degree, it looks like. Definitely a deep 2cnd degree.

Basically, all the top layer of skin was burned off or blistered and popped off his entire palm, side of his hand. I had to cut off a big flap from his palm, so half of the palm’s dermis layer is exposed. The top half had the skin seperate, but i can’t pull it up to cut off. His pinky is one huge blister from bottom to tip on palm side and the outside. It’s leaking clear fluid a LOT, but no sign of infection.

So, I’ve been covering it with burn cream- prescription silver sulfide, putting on a big non stick pad, then wrapping with gauze. I’m doing this once a day, but left a message to ask the doctor of I should move to twice a day.

Our doctor was flabbergasted by it and is sending hubby to burn unit 2 hours away. Outpatient. He can’t get there until next week due to transport problems.

I’m wondering if any of you have been to a burn center and if you can tell me what to expect, maybe. Of you were burned did you change dressings twice a day? If you were burned, was it badly and if so, did it scar bad?

Again, this is whole palm and the entire top layer is gone. I’m very worried about scarring and am trying to keep it moist.

Oh, he’s also diabetic, so heals slowly.

I got burns on the border between 2nd degree and 3rd degree from a very severe sunburn.

I don’t have any problems with healing, though and didn’t go to a burn unit. It was my shins and thighs.
It was very painful and my lower body went into kind of a shock state, so I had to sleep sitting upright (with no blanket) so the pressure on my pelvis would keep the shaking from giving me hip cramping.

I soaked in a bathtub with lukewarm water once a day, and applied a burn cream the doctor gave me.

It looked so gross, and smelled even worse.

Is there any kind of medical attention your hubby can have before he can get transportation?

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No, we already went to our GP. It’s beyond her expertise. She’s actually a physician assistant.

He can’t soak this. It’s an open wound.

Scarring is likely inevitable at this point - good chance he’ll need a skin graft. You need to keep him from getting infected and losing the hand or hand plus lower limb. Is there ANY way to get him to the burn unit faster?


To be honest, there’s a good risk of infection. There’s a sense of urgency about getting this treated. Do you have any friends or family or public transport to take you to the burns unit?


Take your husband to the burn unit immediately
Can you call an ambulance?


2 years ago i got second degree burn in my left hand.it was bbq accident.i stayed in burn unit 7 days.i was terrified.first thing nurses at burn unit will clean the wound and wash it everday for 7 days.usually they can t do anything much to wound scar except for protect from infection.if your husband wound because of fire you shouldn t afraid much.it will not turned gangrene or something.worst wounds are caused by electric burnes.that burnes 80 percent turned gangrene.my scar still can be seen it but i didn t look up nicely.if your husband protect his wounds from sunlight for one year it will probably dissapear (im not sure about 3 rd degree burn though).but even not dissapear you get used to its looking anyways.i hope get well soon.


3rd degree burns require immediate treatment. Especially if it’s so bad a regular physician won’t touch it.


No. It’s 2 hours away. He had an appointment yesterday, but Medicaid Transport refused it, even though it was put through as an emergency, because it is “out of area”. He missed that appointment and the doctor office made him a new one for next Wednesday. They have no sooner openings outpatient.

We had an offer to pick him up from a good friend that lives where the burn center is, but my husband doesn’t want to stay overnight any place due to some recent health problems that are embarrassing.


If an ambulance is not an option, is there Uber?

No and we couldn’t afford Uber anyway.

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You were in a facility for a week due to a hand burn? Oh, he is not going to like that if they want him to stay.

Can you not just go to the nearest hospital. They’ll give him proper immediate care.


nitrofurazon .look for this cream from pharmacy then.they use to treat our wound with this anti microbial cream.they just washed the wound with anti bacterial soap nicely ,put this cream top on it and closed with bandage.nothing else.but i can not guarantee any further complications.how did he burned his hand if you dont mind

This is my wound how it looks like after 2 years later.it was second degree burn

No. We can’t. There is no burn experts locally.

Better to be embarrassed than lose a limb or die from blood poisoning if the infection goes too far, too fast. Priorities.

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Guys, the burn center will not see him until next week. It doesn’t matter how much we want them to or how much people say to get him seen. He has been seen by the doctor on emergency basis. I’m doing what I was told, I just am unsure about how many times to change dressings.

I just want to know experiences with burn centers, what to expect maybe, and about scarring.


But it better to go er immediately .i think you guys must go er and later burn unit.

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I completely agree.