Have you ever been burned badly? TW GROSS Wound DISCUSSION

Again, he’s been seen. That’s not my question.

Does it fire burn or electrical burn?

Oh, I forgot to say what he did.

It’s from a hot burner. He was falling and tried to stop himself by grabbing the stove. His hand slid across a burner that had just been turned off from high setting.

Ok.thats relatively good news because if it was electrical burn things going to be really ugly.because electrical burn like this definitely turn gangrene.but if it fire burn less likely to turn gangrene but still its possibilities.so you guys MUST GO ER definitely ASAP!

Again, he’s been seen.

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I can’t tell you my experience with a burn center, but when I had radiation for my cancer/lymphoma, it was back in ye olden days, before they could precisely target a specific area. And the radiation was just… different than it is now.

Anyway – not the point.

Point is, I developed burns like that on the back of my neck from the treatment.

If I recall correctly, my mom changed the bandages twice a day, and put the cream on.

But I did scar. My hair covers it now, and I got tattooed over it, but it scarred with some keloid.

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I’ve never been seriously burned, but I’ve taken a few first aid courses.

I suggest spraying the palm with Neosporin, then loosely (you want air to be able to get under the dressing) wrapping the palm with a non-adherent bandage. Then loosely cover the bandage with gauze.

I suggest changing the dressing twice per day, but if the gauze feels moist to the touch you may want to change the dressing more frequently.

We have prescription burn cream.


Former EMT here but I’m better at emergency care, so I can’t tell you about long term after care too well, but definitely call the doctor and or burn unit nurse to see how often you should change the bandages. Some meds require once a day, some every other day. This is critical information to get, and may even be on the prescribed creams instructions.

If the burn unit is willing to wait until Wednesday then that’s what you should do, just take the appropriate measures to avoid infection, and look for possible signs of worsening condition.

Definitely call the unit or the doctors office to see about how often you should change the bandages.

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Did your husband get seen as an emergency by an ER doctor or by the GP/physician assistant? Because there is a big difference between the two.

I had a bad burn on a woodfireoven. The skin was gone. I kept it moist with facecream (nivea). I creamed it 4 to 5 times a day. Changed the dressing regularly. No scars left.

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Thank you @Later_Gator and @Dunno3x . That’s what I was wondering. I’ll call burn center tomorrow.


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