Have you become more mature?

Have you become more mature ?

Yes and its not even close


I haven’t. The voizes i have are all immature and don’t think they would change. This stops me from being mature.:confused:

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ive aged well, ive put aside my immatures ways


I don’t think so lol! I feel like a 33 year old teenager :laughing:

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Mine are very immature aswell. Think of yourself as a teacher in a classroom

@Gonehuntin do the voizes listen to you? I’m asking because they seem to just do whatever they want around me. :confused:

I second that one.

I’m a lot like I was… and I’m actually trying to restore the same kind of mind I had before falling ill, but I’m a lot more rugged when dealing with people. When there are behaviors I know are just dead ends of their desire to pay attention I am a lot quicker to just move my focus back.

I’ve spent 75% of my last few days just thinking about computers. I realized what fundamentally increased my proficiency with computers was being flat broke as a kid and really pushing what I could do with them to entertain myself.

Now that flat broke isn’t quite a reality, but I can take on the challenge of just pushing them as far as I can to entertain myself and I think that spells maturity. Instead of pining for this upgrade or that or this new game or software… I’m back to scrapping around on the surface and diving in when I find a good avenue to experiment with the guts of the computers.

Switching to linux mint has really opened my eyes a bit. This OS kicks the ■■■■ out of Windows 10 in usability and flexibility. Now I’m planning to fully switch to integrated google drive over onedrive for cloud storage and make a full switch. A lot of non-platform specific can be done in linux and linux really does need more refinement, however it has crossed some major barriers in making it a free alternative that can do it all…

Obviously my obsessive tendencies are showing.

I don’t think it’s an active choice. Some people are born mature. Other people it just happens as a form of development later on. Some people never become mature.

I feel mentally and physically old. I guess I’m mature just out of sheer exhaustion.

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What’s so funny is that as I said, I’m immature like a 33yr old teenager. But on the other hand my hubby is so mature he’s like an old man! :laughing: he’s the eldest of seven kids that’s probably why. He grew up very responsible. On the other hand I was the youngest of four and grew up spoilt and the baby of family.
I guess some things never change lol!

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It’s funny because before my last hospitalization I was mature enough to live on my own. Now with the f*cking med they have me on I’m not even mature enough to do my own laundry, let alone living on my own. I say it’s funny bc every incremental decrease of the Invega Sustenna I’m on, I feel marginally more mature. It’s hard to describe but with less of the medication I feel more “with it”. On stimulants and an AP I’m more like a 35 year old (I’m 26). Without stimulants on an AP I’m a low functioning 20 year old with no thoughts of my future. I need to switch meds tho, I digress.

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I have changed and improved myself.

I do not think I was immature as such.

I had others in my body ,steering me maliciously.

They got me in to trouble.
As shaggy sings “it wasn’t me”.

I only recently started feeling like myself.

As a child I was not with my spirit.
My spirit was in other bodies trying to survive and cope.

I was empty with apathetihy and hopelessness .

I used to binge drink and would be a sl## when I did.
I did not want to but it happened anyway.

I have been raped .

I can live by myself.
Do my own cleaning etc and I can manage my “doll money” well.

My boyfriend even complimented me for being good with money.

Sometimes I buy things I could do without but mostly I am pretty good.

I do not think I was immature because it was the others that were .

I am a better person now that I feel myself every now and then.

Improvement can happen.

Miracles do happen.:hushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush::tada:

Mine make me the center of attention. Anything I say to myself is overly examined and criticized in a very immature way.

I wouldn’t mind as much if they just did their own thing. I feel overly accountable for everyrhing that crosses my mind. I’m working on it though

I’ve definitely become more mature over the years. Finally. I had to become postmenopausal to get here though.