Have meds affected your intelligence?

  • Made me smarter
  • No difference
  • Made me dumber

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I’m probably down like 20 IQ points from zyprexa.

I think i definitely lost a lot of social intelligence. And conversation smarts. But that is probably mostly the illness itself. And i dont think my iq would have gone down much or anything. Espcially since i was 15/16 when i first became psychotic and had been put on meds.

High doses impair my cognition, but it comes back once the dose is lowered.

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Lamictal is doing a number on my cognition but I can’t stop taking it.

I’d rather be dumb than suicidal

I was just a little idiot when I contracted SZA… I had nowhere but up to go. Luckily not many people could tell since I was young.

Yeah its definitely affected my cognition. But safer dumb than sorry.

I used to code, and back in the day I was taking college courses for programming.

Nowadays after being out of school for so long and having taken this olanzapine and my mind filled with all this other garbage, I’d be surprised if I could figure out a quadratic equation.

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It’s hard if not impossible to distinguish impairments caused by medication vs the illness itself.

In my case, memory issues were prevalent during and right after an episode, but got better while stable for a longer time.

Finding the optimal AP and dosage is crucial. Wrong AP or wrong amount of it will impair cognition, especially memory, but also focus and reasoning ability.

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it depends on what medication you take which determines if you will have procognitive effect or a decline in your cognition. for me i was having severe cognition decline almost equal to dementia since i was born and its due to schizophrenia. i believe in my case its genetic. now with the help of the right meds i am doing well of course not like normal healthy people but its better than nothing.

I don’t think meds affect my intelligence, but I think the mental breakdown I had four and a half years ago affected my intelligence. I was a different person after that.

For sure. Though, I think its more the schizophrenia, as it happened before medication. I was never smart to begin with, so it only lowered my IQ to a dangerously low level I assume. The only class I was good at in high school after my inaugural symptoms was government.

Yeah I’d say it’s the sz. I was losing math ability when a teenager so I was getting less intelligent for sure. Meds have stabilised things somewhat.

Yes immensely. I think I easily lost 30 IQ points. Some things like working memory more than other things. I do think they increased my associative thinking skills.

They’ve affected my ability to draw.

I used to be able to see something in my mind’s eye pretty clearly and just sketch it down on paper.

With meds, I don’t see things in the same way anymore, so I haven’t tried to draw much since starting them.

I do have a sketch pad and some nice pencils in my Amazon cart, so I’m hoping to try to put those to good use once I make the purchase.



I wish i could do that!

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I voted that my cognition had worsened. Better stupid and safe than mad and a threat to the public.

Meds made me more lethargic but i think my intelligence remained

My cognition is much better on Caplyta than Abilify. I was on a heavy dose of Abilify, 30mg daily.


Keep pushing. Trust me, you’ll find that you can’t until you can. You’ll suddenly find the dam breaking and inspiration pouring through again. I couldn’t “see” pictures for the longest time and got so frustrated I gave up photography. Luckily I took another run at it and got the ability back.