Have been escaping the world for a few months

I hid myself in the world of gaming,online game to be specific.I didn’t make friends there,but I read,research and play the game.I still go to work,exercise but my mind was all about this game and also I buy stuff inside the game

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It’s a good hideout but it does affect my work performance as I am not performing at 100% anymore.My boss did notice and wasn’t very please,but I don’t want to give up things that gave me pleasure.I game only at home,but I spent a lot of time thinking at the workplace

Those games must be addictive. I’ve heard of them consuming a person’s whole life.

I was addicted to gaming. I installed the game at my work computer and would play during work. It was unhealthy, and I abused my work privileges playing on the job.

I am still very addicted to games, I no longer work but I play an unhealthy amount of gaming.

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Don’t let buying in game boxes, gems or whatever your buying to get ahead in the. Game. I stopped buying in game purchases. I was going broke.

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Yea ingame microtransaction is addictive and makes you want to play more as you feed into the addiction and commit.I need to stop pumping in money for the game and safe up in the future.Have spent too much and always felt wrong to do since the start

I once was addicted to world of warcraft vanilla and burning crusade for one and a half year. But I did not see it as a addiction, because I always played with my friends either from school or those who I’ve met online.

I quit for seven years as the toxic behaviour started in online gaming. I didn’t play any games for over two years.

Nowadays I rarely play. I’m more focused on YouTube and my cancer sticks. Do the math.

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I think your hobby sounds cool. I know nothing about computer games. It sounds better than sitting in a chair thinking destructive thoughts!

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