No time for game

I wish I have more time to play some game beside work,but my work is long hours and I come back I need to sleep 8-9 hours enough for tomorrow so I am not sleepy,tired or stress. The easily rational decision is give up on gaming,but it’s on my mind sometimes and it’s very seductive also

I don’t know, because I don’t play any game but solitaire, but those games sound like they’re addictive to me. I don’t want to get started playing the fun games because I have a very addictive personality.

I have addictive personality also.Those games honestly is like smoking or coffee,once I touch I will play deeply into it.And I always convince myself it’s not that harmful but if think properly it makes my sleep worse because I need to sacrifice sleep to play.And I find that sleeeping well is very beneficial for mental health

I’m a big gamer currently got back into modern warfare 2 play warzone and age of empires 2 on pc keeps most of my mind occupied so I enjoy it. What’s your favourite games?

Maybe set gaming up only for the weekends.

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