Have ap's made you ill?

Does anyone have experience where the ap has contributed to make you mentally ill?

If so what experience do you have and what did you do to cope with that? Are you still struggling?

Seroquel made me worse than I was when I was off meds. Sanity was restored when I switched to abilify.

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When I was on 2 APs, I kept sneezing.

I was probably allergic to such a big dose.


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How much abilify you take? I tried 15mg, but that was really bad for me. I got all sorts of side effects.

I’m on 15mg.

20mg is really bad for me. And 10mg isn’t enough… so 15mg it is …


I got bad side effects from all the antipsychotics I’ve tried. I can tolerate that Invega Sustenna kills my sex drive so that’s what I’m staying on.

I think the illness caused by AP’s (If any) is negligible in the grand scheme of what it’s treating

Do not think I’d be functioning at all without meds. So really the maths is in favour of meds

Being on Invega has really messed up my thinking I have compulsive, intrusive and obsessive thoughts as well as trouble with comprehension its getting a bit better though

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I take benztropine for akathasia. It helps but once a week I get really restless and the only thing that gets rid of it is going to bed. I’m on Latuda it’s somewhat helpful.

I wasn’t aware Invega could cause all of that.

I’m glad it’s getting better.

I’m not sure I could tolerate another month of Invega, so I talked to my pdoc and we decided I wouldn’t continue on that medication.

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I’m on 10 mg a day of Abilify. Does 15mg completely eliminate the voices for you? I’m curious to know what to expect if I go to a higher dose

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I’ve never heard voices…

When I went to 15mg I felt a bit sedated for a month, then that went away.

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Lithium made me nearly attempt suicide. Some other meds have done similar things. Seroquel made me prediabetic.

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I’m feeling better today.

Ap makes me constantly stressed like it’s impossible to rest before next dose of ap, even when I sleep I don’t really feel like it’s proper rest.

I found a old supplement in my cabinet that I had forgot about. It’s a combo of valeriana, lemon balm and hops. It kind of crashes with the ap so I can’t take it at the same time, but I took it two times during the daytime yesterday and it helped calm me a lot. I guess I’ll stay on it for a while and see what happens.

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