Have any one of u tried Yokukansan for schizophrenia

I don’t know about its side effect and effectiveness…!!!

Guys please google it .


Never heard of it did you start taking omega 3

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In 4 minutes ima go make cornflakes !!


crowley good morning man… thanks for asking me… due to financial condition I don’t have a penny to buy any supplement…

Once I have money the first thing I do is buy fish oil …

Please google Yokukansan …!!!

I don’t know its a placebo or not…

Please google and share ur experience.

Couple of years ago mod has posted this and I remember…

I don’t know the conclusion part…!!

useful or worthless…!!!

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How are you man?
I hope you feel better soon.

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Yokukansan (TJ-54), also called yi-gan san in Chinese, is a traditional herbal medicine with evident therapeutic effect for neuropsychiatric disorders. There are several open-label clinical studies upholding the possibility of using yokukansan to treat schizophrenia or schizophrenia-like psychosis

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Wow @far_cry0, promising set of herbs!

https://www.drugs.com/npp/yi-gan-san.html (Yokukansan is pretty much exactly what Yi-gan San is.)

Apparently, it’s used for treatment-resistant schizophrenia too!

I’m interested in trying this.

Anecdote of it being used to treat schizophrenia symptoms in a 68 year old: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/numa/69/3/69_3_212/_article

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@naturallycured bro search it carefully…!!! if u are confident enough try it…

But becarefull it might interact with antipsychotic…!!!

Hi @far_cry0, good morning Man.

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Aku I will pm u you…!!!

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I think people use it to lose weight? Never really heard of it before now. I don’t know that I would chance it.

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@san_pedro @Andrey @Sardonic @naturallycured guys google it …!!

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Who told you you have schizophrenia?

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@Andrey what happend to u …!!! I have quit collage and haven’t work for last 7 years…

U guys still have a doubt on me…???

I know you are ill.

But who told you the first time that you have schizophrenia? Do you remember?


Nah man… my dad has undiagnosed sz… and no one knows it…!! Damn I am disabled man…

No one told me but I know it myself …

You have difficulties in learning.
But nobody told you it’s sz.
Same for your father.

Could be something else.

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