Have an appointment with a specialist in rehab (opiates)

The only drug that can reduce my sadness, and make me live an active life, is a small dose of opiates. A big dose makes me anxious.

Alcohol s a stupid and inefficacious way to reduce it, and i switch between drinking in moderate and be totally abstaining.

I’m really looking forward to the appointment. Hope she has a trick or two.


Good luck with it.

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I saw a case of a doctor treating depression with opiates.

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Yes, it’s uncommon but not unheard of. In the past the only anti depressive drug around was opium and doctors treated “melancholia” with opium.

The best i can hope of is substitution of opiates with buprenorphine or methadone

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Pretty sure that Methadone is an opiate

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Yes it is, the idea is that a stable low dose of methadone or similar drugs, can make you stop your abuse

I have been in rehab. Im afraid to take methadone.

does suboxone work that way? Good luck.

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Tough story @anon69073975 . Take care of yourself, if you are doing drugs, take a minimum to start with, and all the other good advices.

Yes suboxone is considered better for opioid addiction than methadone. Methadone is considered stronger than suboxone and more like heroin, which makes the risk of relapse to heroin stronger.

There is quite a lot of new research out there, that says suboxone is very effective against depression. I really hope they put me on suboxone. Im so sad / depressed when im not taking opiates. But my abuse is a modest abuse, so i don’t know if they take it serious enough.

Good luck out there.

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