Good morning

it is the second day of my vacation weekend. I go back to work sunday.

I “fell” back into paranoid thoughts yesterday and it lasted until this morning when I am trying to push it away.

anyways, happy thanksgiving weekend to us all here. I know I care about us here. And I feel cared about. thanks much,


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I saw your post on the other forum. I’m sorry that hit you in the middle of what is supposed to be a relaxing time. I hope today is better then yesterday.

SurprisedJ, I am really excited about today. I am going to the mall maybe, with my mom and it should be fun.

the weather is crisp and cold. absolutely delicious especially since the sun is shining.

what are you doing today? anything special?

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Didn’t get to surf yesterday, the sea was as smooth as glass. But today however, there is some wind to make some waves. It’s much warmer today and our cloud cover is back. A good day to surf. The kid sis has today off so she’s going with me.

Wow… malls. I can’t take them under any circumstance and my kid sis is the queen of She already did the “Black Friday” online. She’s one of those annoying people who already got the Christmas shopping done. Her gift to most people is her cookie/cupcake boxes. She and Mom always have one weekend together to bake for Christmas. I hope she doesn’t read this, but I’ve already seen the scarf she’s knitting for me, I really like it. :blush:

I hope you have a good time out. It sounds like you and your Mom have a good relationship.

sounds fun. surfing, and all. my mom and I love each other and need each other since my dad died.


p.s. i’ll be back here sunday.