Haunted Halloween - a poll


There is a super scary haunted house on Halloween night not too far from my place. I’ve always wanted to go. People have told me it’s over the top spooky. Would you go?

  • Yes, it would be fun
  • No, that’s way to scary
  • maybe with a bunch of people
  • No, I’m not scared but not my thing

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I voted no that’s way too scary based on how I feel now. If I felt better I might enjoy going though. So I guess whether you should go or not depends on how you feel. Are you anxious? Is there anything that could trigger you? Are you depressed?


I’ll have to see how I feel by then


I used to love ghost stories and horror. After my psychotic break I had two years ago I can’t deal with anything scary. This is coming from an avid Wall is Dead fan, ghost adventures, and other scary shows. Not now.


I go through spurts where scary things bother me and times where they don’t bother me