Haunted California. An article I shouldn't have read

In the article like 60% of the 20 most haunted places in California were within 60 miles of my house.

I know I shouldn’t have read it, but now I’m kind of creeped out.

Why are these places so bunched together?

Why do I scare myself with such things?

Now I’m alone and don’t feel great.

Way to go, @Charles_Foster.

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That sucks. Can you distract yourself or are you past that point already?

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I’m going to take a klonopin and get in the shower.

Try to restart the day.

I’ll lock one of the dogs in the bathroom with me so I feel safer.


Good ideas. I hope the feeling passes quickly

Keep telling yourself that all that spooky stuff is fiction.

I agree with @CoCo try to distract yourself maybe with a funny tv show or clip on the internet

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Don’t be afraid. You have a zombie on call, so no ghost can top that.

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I think maybe it can be fun for people to believe in the so called “paranormal” stuff. Gives some excitement to the daily life.

But really its more of a trickery of our senses than anything.

Maybe a scientific article about it might help ease your mind.

spoiler there unlikely to be real

I would guess it is because ghost-enthusiasts like to vacation to places with hauntings, and your area understands tourism.


Also for those of us with issues with psychosis it would be much easier to perceive “paranormal” stuff because our brains are very flexible in different states of mind. And our senses get all messed up anyway.

So my thoughts is to avoid endulging in the ghostly realms lol


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I wouldn’t put too much stock in that finding. I bet it’s all over the nation those ghost appearances have happened…

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